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  • Tenth Amendment Center Blog  | This is the 17th installment of a podcast following local activism efforts I am spearheading to address the surveillance state in Lexington, Ky. Through this series, you will get an inside look at boots-on-the-ground activism as it happens. The goal is to create [...]
  •  |    Published on 25 September, 2017 A final poll done today, election-eve Monday, of potential Alabama voters – commissioned by and conducted by the nonpartisan, an opt-in database of millions of mobile device recipients who are actually paid [...]
  • NFL Players Stage Protest

    September 25, 2017

    ​Date:       September 25, 2017Host:       Jim SchneiderListen:     MP3 ​​​​| Order​ ​Saturday evening, President Trump encouraged owners to fire players who kneel for the national [...]
  • | | More than 200 NFL players knelt during the National Anthem at their Sunday games, showing disrespect for our flag and insulting millions of patriotic Americans. Meanwhile, a St. Louis cop who called Black Lives Matter “domestic terrorists” and the “Klan with [...]
  • Christian Headlines Read Full Article Mob Violence Terrorizes Small Christian Village in Egypt International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that on September 14, a Muslim mob in the village of Tawa in Minya attacked the local Coptic Christian community. Homes, businesses, and cars were [...]
  • Christian Headlines Read Full Article Should Women Who Get Abortions be Prosecuted? While all pro-life advocates may agree that it is important to protect the lives of unborn children, they sometimes disagree on whether or not the woman who is getting the abortion should be prosecuted. Even [...]
  • Christian Headlines Read Full Article Samaritan’s Purse Comes to the Aid of Hurricane Maria Victims Disaster relief efforts are underway for Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands after Hurricane Maria brought widespread devastation. Puerto Rico’s governor Ricardo Rosselló has [...]
  • | | In the midst of all the controversy about players in the National Football League (NFL) choosing to “take a knee” during the playing of the National Anthem to protest alleged systemic police mistreatment of African-Americans, one player stands out for courage, [...]
  • | | The John Birch Society has been enduring rampant smears of late, being called anti-Semitic and a white nationalist group. But the truth is far different — and always has been. If you represent any sort of threat against the establishment and its glob­alist agenda, [...]
  • Healthcare Déjà Vu

    September 25, 2017

    Christian Headlines Read Full Article Healthcare Déjà Vu Senate Republicans plan to vote on a new healthcare proposal next week before the GOP runs out of time to deliver on its promise of repealing and replacing Obamacare. Republicans failed to coalesce around a healthcare package [...]
  • Christian Headlines Read Full Article Trump’s Child Care Promises are Low Priority for GOP President Donald Trump made affordable child care part of his 2016 campaign platform, and in February he unveiled a proposal for child care tax deductions and credits to help ease the financial burden [...]
  • Christian Headlines Read Full Article Minnesota Court Rules Christian Filmmakers Can’t Opt Out of Gay Weddings A Christian filmmaking couple must shoot gay weddings, despite their religious convictions, a Minnesota court has ruled. According to The Christian Post, Carl and Angel Larsen who [...]
  • | | On September 24, just hours before his previous travel ban was set to expire, President Trump signed a proclamation limiting the immigrant and nonimmigrant entry into the United States from eight countries. Trump’s proclamation continues the ban on immigration from five [...]
  • No Anthem Protests for NASCAR

    September 25, 2017 | | “Get you a ride on a Greyhound bus when the national anthem is over,” responded Richard Childress of Richard Childress Racing to a query from USA Today as to what he would do if one of his employees protested during the playing of the “Star Spangled [...]
  • Christian Headlines Read Full Article President Trump Weighs in on NFL Anthem Kneeling Controversy Only one Pittsburgh Steelers player participated in the national anthem before Sunday’s game against the Chicago Bears. Alejandro Villanueva, a former Army Ranger and West Point graduate, [...]
  • Commentary  | The Washington Times reported on a Planned Parenthood campaign called “Do No Harm,” which encourages opposition to efforts to defund the abortion giant. If our senators were listening, they’d stop #Trumpcare once & for all. Let’s [...]
  • | | Most of the media covering the shooting at a Tennessee church on Sunday morning focused on the shooter and his horrific attack on innocents. Precious little was said about the “gentle giant,” Robert Engle, who instead of running away, ran toward the sound of [...]
  • Tenth Amendment Center Blog  | It’s easy to think there is no way to ever topple the Fed-controlled U.S. monetary system. But efforts to chip away at the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on money by facilitating and encouraging the use of gold and silver within state borders took some solid [...]
  • Christian Headlines Read Full Article Life Lynn, the Baby Whose Mother Declined Chemo to Save Her, Has Died The daughter of Carrie Lynn DeKlyen, the pregnant mother who refused chemotherapy, has died, following her mother’s passing. Last week, reported on the sad news [...]
  • Christian Headlines Read Full Article Hurricane Maria Prompts Evacuation in North Carolina Outer Banks Hurricane Maria brought widespread devastation to Puerto Rico and now it is making its way up the U.S. East Coast. ABC News reports that, in preparation for Maria, an island in the Outer Banks of [...]
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