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  • Climate Change Hysteria
    ​​​​​​​​​​Date:         August 16, 2017Host:         Jim SchneiderGuest:      Dr. E. […]
  • Michigan Foster Parents’ Conundrum: Give Up Gun Rights or Give Up Child | | Bill and Jill Johnson were asked by the state of Michigan to consider becoming foster parents for their grandchild after the state ruled his mother was incompetent to raise the child. Bill Johnson has had a […]
  • Fake News, Fake Justice, & How to Know What’s Real  | [embedded content] Perhaps 2017 will go down as the year when the phrase ‘Fake News’ became part of the American vocabulary. We have all been exposed to a great deal of this toxic substance […]
  • Homeschoolers Save Taxpayers $22 Billion Per Year | | From FreedomProject Media: Taxpayers across America, struggling under the burden of crushing local property taxes in addition to state and federal taxes, should thank a homeschooling family today. According […]
  • Member of “Revolutionary Marxist-Leninist Party” Arrested for Role in Destroying Confederate Statue | | Takiyah Fatima Thompson, a member of Workers World Party (WWP) and a student at N.C. Central University, was arrested on August 15 for playing a leading role in toppling a statue of a Confederate soldier […]
  • Chicago Immigration Lawsuit Fraught With Errors, Inconsistencies, Illogic | | A closer look at the lawsuit that Chicago filed against Attorney General Jeff Sessions last week over his threat to withhold grant money reveals enough errors, inconsistencies, and just plain poor logic […]
  • In America, Hate is Taught but the Bible is Not  | [embedded content] I am sure by now you all are aware of the recent devastating event in Charlottesville, Virginia, where a 20 year-old, sin-possessed man named James Alex Fields, Jr. plowed his car through […]
  • West Tennessee Construction August 16-23, 2017
    Wednesday, August 16, 2017 | 2:06pm BENTON COUNTY, I-40 Truck Climbing Lane Wednesday, August 16 through Wednesday, August 23: There are no scheduled closures. Motorists should watch for trucks entering and exiting the roadway in […]
  • Why Is Iceland “Eradicating” People With Down Syndrome?
        Yesterday, an article appeared on CBS News stating that “few countries have come as close to eradicating Down syndrome births as Iceland.” It turns out that Iceland has made prenatal screening for Down […]
  • U.S. Pays $50 Mil for Luxury Cars, Weapons, Booze to Mentor Afghan Intel Officers
    AUGUST 16, 2017 A foreign company hired by the U.S. government to mentor and train Afghan intelligence officers billed Uncle Sam for more than $50 million in luxury cars—including Porsches, an Aston Martin and […]
  • Is the Gospel No Longer Enough for Black Christians? Commentary  | Located on one of the most historic streets in the United States, particularly for black Americans, Auburn Avenue in downtown Atlanta, stands the venerable Big Bethel AME […]
  • Florida Bill Would Expand Healthcare Freedom
    Tenth Amendment Center Blog  | TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (Aug. 16, 2017) – A bill prefiled for the 2018 Florida legislative session would help facilitate healthcare freedom outside of government regulatory schemes. Sen. Tom […]
  • Trump Calls Out Media for Dishonest Reporting of Charlottesville Events | | President Donald Trump gave a heated press conference on Tuesday when journalists confronted him on his initial response to the Charlottesville violence that took place over the weekend. Despite the […]
  • Tennessee Department of Education Announces New Districts to Join Read to be Ready Coaching Network
    Wednesday, August 16, 2017 | 10:42am NASHVILLE — The Tennessee Department of Education announced 16 more districts are joining the Read to be Ready Coaching Network this year to strengthen our youngest students’ […]
  • TDH and TDOS Encourage Safe Viewing During the Solar Eclipse
    Wednesday, August 16, 2017 | 10:27am NASHVILLE – A total solar eclipse, when the moon completely covers the sun, will be visible August 21. Tennessee is one of 14 states that will be in the path of totality, a 70 […]
  • Should Civil War Monuments Stay Put or Be Torn Down?  |   Image: Circus Maximus, Rome, Italy, by Carptrash  Published on 16 August, 2017 By John Barber On a separate post, I asked people if Civil War monuments should be taken down or moved. I thought I’d […]
  • Selmer fire chief falsified invoices and altered bids  | An investigation by the Tennessee Comptroller’s Office, working in conjunction with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, has revealed several issues of impropriety connected to the fire chief of […]
  • Does China Believe Donald Trump Is No Jack Kennedy?  |   Image credit: U. S. Department of State in the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston. It shall be the policy of this nation to regard any nuclear missile launched from Cuba against any nation […]
  • Trump is Right: Bigotry, Violence ‘On Many Sides’ Commentary  | British writer and theologian G.K. Chesterton observed, “It is hatred that unites people — while love is always individual.” The use of hatred to mobilize has a long and […]
  • Women and Men Are Equal | | Google fired software engineer James Damore for writing a 10-page memo critical of the company’s diversity policy. The memo violated the company’s code of conduct by “advancing harmful […]
  • Franklin Graham Condemns Using Charlottesville to Attack Trump | | Evangelist Franklin Graham (shown) was blunt in his rebuke of those who seized upon the tragic violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, as yet another way to attack President Donald Trump, declaring, […]
  • Hillary Clinton’s ‘Devotions’: Plagiarized  |   Lest there be confusion, this is the same Hillary Clinton who was Planned Parenthood’s “Champion” of abortion and who said, last year, that the core beliefs of […]
  • Lawmakers: Name Chinese Embassy Plaza After Dissident Liu Xiaobo | | Every time U.S.-based diplomats for the mass-murdering regime ruling China go to or from work, or look down at their stationary, they may soon be reminded of one of their totalitarian employer’s most […]
  • Members Equal Power
    Tenth Amendment Center Blog  | This is yesterday’s Tenther newsletter, which everyone in the nullification movement gets daily or weekly. Be one of them – and Become a member here to support […]
  • Sanctuary Cities Aren’t Brave. They’re Harboring Criminals.  |    Published on 16 August, 2017 By Ken Blackwell For too long local officials have obstructed federal immigration law with impunity. President Donald Trump issued an executive order to stop subsidizing cities […]