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  • America's growing population of men who do not work are also significantly disconnected from society, according to new research from Sen. Mike Lee's Social Capital Project. The post New Report Explores Men Who Don’t Work appeared first on Washington Free Beacon. ... [...]
  • The Japanese submarine Kuroshio on September 13 joined three Japanese warships in conducting a drill in waters just southwest of the China-controlled Scarborough Shoal. ... [...]
  • Former GOP congressman Ron Desantis may have gotten President Trump’s endorsement for Florida’s gubernatorial primary, but he lacks Trump’s charisma and an ability to connect with... [...]
  • Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper has created a leadership political action committee, a sign he is interested in exploring a 2020 presidential run and raising funds to pay for travel and other campaign-like expenses such as polling. The post Hickenlooper Takes Major Step toward Presidential Run appeared first on Washington Free Beacon. ... [...]
  • Chinese Nationalist Chiang Kai-shek was a loyal ally to America during WWII, but a handful of U.S. leaders poisoned American policy toward him, while building up the communists. ... [...]
  • So much of our reasoning about race is both emotional and faulty. In ordinary, as well as professional, conversation, we use terms such as discrimination, prejudice,... [...]
  • | Is Planned Parenthood in the business of preserving life or taking life? To many of us, it’s in the business of taking lives. Planned Parenthood, who has [...]
  • The woman accusing Democratic National Committee deputy chair and current Minnesota Attorney General candidate Keith Ellison said she has been "smeared" by the Democratic party. The post Keith Ellison Accuser Says She Has Been ‘Smeared’ by Her Party appeared first on Washington Free Beacon. ... [...]
  • | When I first started to drive, cars didn’t have any of the safety features we see today and yet in some ways, the cars were built stronger, which made a [...]
  • John Kerry not only has engaged in talks with officials from Iran, he openly boasts of having advised them how to deal with the Trump administration, and how to diplomatically wait out the remaining days that Donald Trump will serve as president. ... [...]
  • The National Science Foundation is spending over $1 million to train two-dozen "social justice" math teachers in Philadelphia. The post Feds Spend $1,009,762 Training ‘Social Justice’ Math Teachers appeared first on Washington Free Beacon. ... [...]
  • [The American Vision] … Sweeping racism under the rug: a GOP case example | Recently we were been given a good example not only of how [...]
  • Activist Mommy… Christian Prayer to Protect Children Flagged as “Hate Speech” By Facebook It is time to pray for our children, and our nation, more fervently than [...]
  • ABC News chief political analyst Matthew Dowd called Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas a "sexual predator" in a tweet Monday, saying it was an outrage that he was confirmed after Anita Hill's allegations against him. The post ABC Chief Political Analyst: Clarence Thomas Is a ‘Sexual Predator’ appeared first on Washington Free Beacon. ... [...]
  • Upon the memory and truthfulness of Christine Blasey Ford hangs the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, his reputation, and possibly his career on the nation's second highest court. ... [...]
  • Colin Allred, the Democratic nominee for Texas' 32nd congressional district, promised in his latest ad not to be a "party-line politician," despite accepting political contributions from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) and her political action committee. The post Dem Candidate Who Claims He Won’t Be ‘Party-Line Politician’ Accepts Thousands From Pelosi, Leadership PAC appeared first on Washington Free Beacon. ... [...]
  • The #ShoutYourAbortion movement will release a coffee table book that features “abortion stories” and “abortion art” in an effort to destigmatize abortions. ... [...]
  • Josh Harder, the Democrat challenging incumbent Republican Rep. Jeff Denham in California's 10th district, appeared to express support for abortion during all nine months of a pregnancy last year, according to newly surfaced footage. The post Dem Congressional Candidate Appears to Say He Supports Abortion at Any Stage of Pregnancy appeared first on Washington Free Beacon. ... [...]
  • A new MP3 sermon from Crosstalk America is now available on with the following details: Title: Big Brother in the Exam Room Subtitle: Crosstalk America Speaker: Jim Schneider Broadcaster: Crosstalk America Event: Radio Broadcast Date: 9/17/2018 Length: 53 min. Overview: Twila Brase is the president and co-founder of Citizen-s Council for Health Freedom. She's a certified public health nurse, has provided testimony before state legislative bodies and she provides daily commentary on the Health Freedom Minute. She's the author of 'Big Brother in the Exam Room- The Dangerous Truth about Electronic Health Records'. ... [...]
  • Today we have Dr. Jimmy Lin’s presentation at the 2018 Wilberforce Weekend on faith and science, and how Christians can..Read more The post Science, Faith, and Helping the Sick, the Orphan, and... [...]

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