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Tyranny in Senate Bill 0001 – Judicial Appointments 1-13-15

Three is only way to get the money out of politics and that is a religious and moral people.

Amendment 2, Part 2 of 2

During the 2014 election our Governor and many of our state legislators participated in a major deception on the people of Tennessee.  They spent a lot of money doing it, sent out post cards, did radio and TV advertising.  The Governor chaired the “Yes on 2” organization telling everyone with the support of past a Governor, a clueless Sheriff, a Tennessee TV star among others.  They told us if we voted “YES ON 2” we would preserve our right to VOTE FOR JUDGES.  As always it is what they DON’T tell you that bites you in the rear.

For a more complete description of the deception see Amendment 2 page.

What we now have is the implementation of that deception in the very first bill filed in the Tennessee Senate this session.  It will no doubt be pushed through with great pressure on all the legislators cause after all “What the Gov. Wants, The Gov Gets”.

Most of SB0001 is not surprising to those of us who had researched it.  But I would urge you to read through it and just a a feel for what it does and see if it jives with what we were sold.

Amendment 2 struck from Article VI Section 3 of the Tennessee Constitution:
“The judges of the Supreme Court shall be elected by the qualified voters of the state…”

The best video I know describing what they did to us is by Hal Rounds on [] starting at minute 1 8.

Now about today’s discussion and SB0001.  It sets up the mechanics for the legislature, after the Governor has picked ANYONE HE WANTS who meets the qualification, confirm that appointment.  On page 5 of the bill as filed it is describing who can be appointed to that committee…

“The political composition of the judicial confirmation committee shall reflect as nearly as possible the same ratio of members from each of the two (2) major political parties as the parties are represented in the respective houses.”

Why would a duly elected representative of ANY party not be allowed on the confirmation committee?    I will discuss on other programs how the establishment parties have disenfranchised not only the voters but their elected representatives as well.

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