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Protecting Life As Far As The Law Allows 1-15-15

Doing the right thing...

In 2000 Planned Parenthood filed suit against the State of Tennessee claiming Tennessee laws passed by a Democrat controlled General Assembly were unconstitutional under the Tennessee Constitution.  The suit was based on “right of privacy” of women and neither the words “privacy” nor “abortion” appeared in The Tennessee Constitution.  Never the less our Tennessee Supreme Court “found” a right to an abortion in it extending well beyond that which Roe V Wade striking down very limited restrictions on abortion found in most states throughout America.

In November of 2014 Tennessee approved Amendment 1 which closed that contrived right.
Several bills filed already to restore and update those common sense protections for those seeking abortion in the State of Tennessee should be listed on this [LINK].   Please take time to read them and contact your legislators (TN House and TN Senate) and ask for a commitment their support on the bills if you agree with them.  Your comments will have more strength to them if you talk about them at least in some small detail.  

Many hearing the broadcast and reading this post would prefer an outright ban on abortion, as would I.  However due to Roe V. Wade and the current mindset of those who have the power to change it, it is not currently and option for Tennessee.  But thousands of lives will be saved thanks to Amendment 1.  The process will be better if we encourage our legislators to do the right thing rather than the convenient thing!

This broadcast discusses HB0002,  SB0013, and SB0050.  Together these three bills provide safeguards to insure that any woman seeking an abortion would have: (1) sufficient information on the risks and alternatives to abortion to make an informed decision “informed consent” as would be required for any medical procedure; (2)  Time to consider that information and prevent their being strong armed into the procedure;  (3)  That any facility providing abortions will be safe, for at least the woman;  (4) that part of the information in the initial consultation include a quality, live, real time, ultrasound taken to establish the term of the baby in the womb and available to the woman, not forced to be viewed.

Keep in mind the abortion industry will disparage any restrictions placed on them.  As evidenced by their lies about Amendment 1 they have only interest and that is the money they can make off women seeking an short term solution to what ALWAYS turns out to be a long term problem.  The vast majority of  Tennessee Newspapers and Television media will take the side of the abortion industry just because that is their political orientation.  During the 2014 campaign it was rare to the point of obscurity to have an honest portrayal of Amendment 1 in the media.  Don’t expect anything different when it comes to women’s protection bills in this arena.

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