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Tennessee Education Bills To Be Watched

Power grab in education at the expense of our children


Follow the Education links below to see all filed Tennessee Legislature Bill this session to date.  Among the good ones is SB0010 which would require High School students to pass the same exam as new citizens do to get a regular high school diploma.  This with the legislation passed last year requiring the study of our Constitution are very positive steps.

Education has suffered in Tennessee for decades.  What I am about to tell you isn’t covered by the media.  I believe the reason can be directly tied the the work of former Tennessee governor, U.S. Secretary of Education and current U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander.  In a nut shell Tennessee has swallowed every federal education program the federal government ever dreamed up.  This in spite of the fact there is no authorization for the Federal Government to interfere with education within states.  In fact there are laws prohibiting it.  Some point to the Northwest Ordinance of proof Congress should have control over education but it should be noted that document was directed to “Territories of the United States” not sovereign states.

Common Core is a work around to increase federal control of education.  Much of the legislation filed thus far, and I am sure to follow, this legislative session will be designed to hide that fact.  The Governor, Lt. Gov. Ramsey and House Speaker Harwell are hell bent on holding the course on Common Core the increased power it shifts away from the people and local school boards.

They claim the Common Core is not curriculum however it will control the testing for students which means what ever is in common core must be taught in the schools.  Common Core is copyrighted, and that copyright belongs to a Washington DC lobbying organization.  It is NOT subject to change by state legislators much less school boards, teachers or parents.  It must be repealed and local control of our schools restored.

Links:  Education |  SB0010 / HB0010  | Common Core

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