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Patriot Pastors Meeting Feb 9th, 2015

It is evident to all that our country has problems. A more astute observer will realize
our problems have stemmed from our distance from God. We have left God as a nation
and are seeing the effect of our choices. But this is not the first time in America’s history
that this scenario has occurred. In Colonial times the British citizens had left the values of
the original settlers. God used the preaching of men like Jonathan Edwards, George
Whitfield, Shubal Stearns, and others to bring the citizens back to the Bible and plant
seeds of liberty that saw fruit in our American Revolution. This was called the First Great
One hundred years later the young country of the United States had turned cold to God,
and once again the Spirit of God “visited the vine”(Ps. 80:14) through the preaching of
Charles Finney, Sam Jones, D.L. Moody, and others. This was called the Second Great
Awakening as our nation returned to a Victorian Society of Godliness and morality.
In the last century our nation has again fallen away from God, but Satan has placed an
obstacle in God’s path to revival. In 1954 Texas Senator Lyndon Johnson was opposed
from Texas pulpits for his ungodly activities. The Senator wanted to punish the churches
for their opposition, so he pushed for a change in the tax code that has silenced the
pulpits. For fear of losing their tax exempt status, churches have largely become silent in
the Political Realm even though no church has been successfully prosecuted for
preaching political sermons. (See enclosed sheet with details of legal political
The Patriot Pastors is an organization started to encourage and train Pastors to once
again sound the trumpet of righteousness to bring the people back to the foundational
values held by our founders. Man’s laws must be based upon God’s law to benefit
mankind, and an in-depth knowledge of God’s law will give a man of God the correct
viewpoint of man’s law. (Mal. 2:7)
We are having a meeting February 9th at 6:30 PM in the MLEC conference room, 200
W. Commerce, Waverly, 37185 that will feature Ben Graham (cousin of evangelist Billy
Graham) presenting the Patriot Pastors. He will show the people how to encourage their
Pastor to become politically active.
As a pastor, a citizen, and one who sees the plight of future generations, we would
appeal to your sense of duty to attend this meeting and, or bring the people from your
church as we work seeking a “Third Great Awakening”.
For God and Country,
John R. Johnson
(931) 296-4432

Patriot Pastors Meeting

Patriot Pastors Area Meeting


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