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February 2015

Automatic License Plate Reader

1984 And Beyond

License Plate Readers Finding Stolen Vehicles and Instantly Identifying Criminals Is A Wonderful Thing.  Tracking and sharing data on the location of law abiding citizens [...]

February 24, 2015

Article V Part 4: Historical Perspective

“the articles of this confederation shall be … perpetual; nor shall any alteration at any time hereafter be made in any of them; unless such alteration be agreed to [...]

February 19, 2015

Bait and Switch

Article V Part 3: Mythical Constructs

[More on Article V/Con Con/Convention of States] Tennessee Watchman | Mon – Sat | 11AM on 105.1FM WVRY | 6PM on 1400AM WJZM | There is no Constitutional basis or basis [...]

February 18, 2015

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