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Tennessee Against Common Core

Tennessee Against Common Core

TNACC Newsletter – August Edition

The rewrite of education surely did not start with Common Core.  In my opinion what we see with CC is the final nail in the coffin of traditional American education.  Education that was once revered as the best in the world and therefore had to be destroyed.  Highly educated people do not serve their purpose.

I recommend listening to the entire speech especially if you have never heard her story.  About 29 minutes into this presentation she speaks of how Islam is infiltrating our schools.  Everything she said about teaching 3 weeks of Islam in 7th grade SS is true and is taking place right here in TN too.  Our 7th graders get 3.5-4 weeks of this training.  And we have the proof and it has been shared with many of our legislators.  Namely Sen. Dolores Gresham and she has done nothing to address it.

And surprise, surprise we are skyrocketing to success.  TCAP scores are equivalent to the fox minding the hen house.  Self reported data is about as trustworthy as having Bernie Madoff invest your life savings.  Any person working in the private business world understands the dynamics of self reporting.  Self reporting promotes the agenda of the person creating the results.  If we need the numbers to look bad to push an agenda we do a little tweaking here and there and voile.  If we need the numbers to look good to push another agenda (like gee see Common Core is good for TN and all you moms out there just go back to doing the laundry) then we do a little tweaking here and there and again voile.  the 2015-2016 school year will bring us TNReady and TCAP will be gone.  TNReady ARE NOT TN assessments written for TN.  They are assessments written by AIR/Smarter Balance for the state of Utah and leased by AIR for TN (for $2.34 million per year).  They are aligned with Common Core and they are BAD.  I have contacts in Utah and I can tell you we will be manning a huge effort to REFUSE these tests next year.  So start talking to your fellow moms and get ready.


HR5 and S1177 have both passed and will now be reconciled into identical bills.  Believe me when they are done what will be spilled out we be a disaster like nothing this country has ever seen.  The latest versions with all the new amendments together total almost 1700 pages.  The original ESEA from 1965 was just 37 pages and it addressed reading for the poor.  And again we take a good thing and morph it into the progressive agenda to destroy locally controlled public education in America.  We have another chance to stop the reauthorization in the fall when the reconciled bills are released.  BUT in the meantime the experts (on our side) are ripping these bills apart to expose the evil hiding within both of these bills.  FLAT OUT…..Lamar Alexander is lying to the American people and has been pushing national control of education for years and lying about it for years.  It is a darn shame we didn’t get rid of him when we had the chance.  Much more to come on this topic.

Just in case the article above wasn’t enough to convince you to REFUSE the new TNReady next year this article describes in detail the scheme behind all levels of testing and data collection.  There are MANY great links embedded in this article to drive the point further.  Next year we must do two things.  1.  Wage a massive REFUSE high stakes testing campaign  2. get the Parental Rights Bill (HR1268) passed here in TN.  Rep. Rick Womick is the sponsor so we have to focus like a laser on getting this bill passed.

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