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Karma.  Yes, Karma, the great double-edged sword ~ By Jeff Hartline, Tennessee Spotlight

Did we mention this slew of Democrat crossovers would also create havoc down-ballot in every other race. Trump’s presence on the ballot offers a flicker of hope for the Democrats to get more of their people elected by drafting Trump under the cover of the “R”.

We hate Karma when it visits us.  We love Karma when it visits our opponents.

You know what I’m talking about.  You’ve seen the Facebook video of the little bully picking on the overweight boy, who just wants to be left alone.  He mercilessly taunts the chubby introvert.  The bully throws one punch.  Just one.  We’re startled at the lightning response of the victim as he grabs the little thug and slams him to the ground.  The bully is motionless.  Karma has arrived….

In the past two decades, buoyed by a national Democrat Party bent on European Socialism, the election of a full-blown Marxist as President, liberal social policies being crammed down our throats, Executive Branch overreach, an out-of-control Judiciary and that game-changing State Income Tax showdown, Tennessee has moved quickly from a Southern Democrat-dominated state to a supermajority Republican General Assembly with a Republican Governor.  Not only are there no signs of change ahead, there are probably three or four more House seats for the GOP to win.

Observing this catastrophe, moderate Democrats jettisoned that “D” label and inconspicuously settled into the Republican Party, many achieving office in this electoral shift.  All the while, minority-status Republicans serving during that same time period who had survived the 150-year long Democrat majority now found themselves to the left of a new wave of “real” Conservatives at Legislative Plaza.  They just look downright “blue-dog” next to this growing Conservative group.

Still, Democrats keep getting elected as Republicans in Tennessee, using their new-found positions to lobby and vote for ObamaCare Expansion, in-state tuition for illegals, and blocking the most significant gun legislation since Jimmy Naifeh allowed handgun carry permits and guns in bars.  Yes, that’s right.  The last significant gun legislation passed in Tennessee was when a Democrat was leading the State House.

But these Republicans still hold the power.  They have resisted wave after wave of effort to demand that only Republicans should be voting in Republican primaries.  Four years ago, only 10 members of the Republican State Executive Committee could be found to demand this.  Last year, that number increased to 29.  (34 votes needed for passage.)

Establishment Republicans, who hold most of the state’s federal House offices, both Senate Seats and most of the General Assembly Leadership posts, rely on Democrat crossover votes during primaries to remain in power.  Oh, and there’s incumbency.  Don’t forget about that.  Serial re-election is the nirvana of political power, so they have absolutely ZERO interest in seeing their open-primaries gravy-train derailed.

But Karma may have finally arrived.

I guess these Establishment types never thought they’d see the day that someone to the left of them, and someone they really don’t like, would slap that “R” label on his campaign and soar to the Number One spot in the polls.

Yes, Karma, thou art Trump.

To be sure, Donald Trump is no Republican.  But, then again, neither is Sabi Kumar.  This Robertson County physician, who had NEVER voted in a Republican Primary yet got elected to a seat previously held by one of the most conservative members of the House, couldn’t even qualify to participate in the County GOP nominating convention.  But he was sure enough allowed to place his name on a Republican ballot and use the open-primary scheme to get elected as State Representative.  The local GOP got “crickets” from the State Party because Kumar’s election added one more “yes” vote for the coming Medicaid Expansion debate.  The Robertson County folks were told to stop complaining.

But look who’s complaining now!

The Establishment GOP is breaking its neck trying to get Trump off the national stage, to point to his flip-flopping on policy, to make him look like a huckster.  They want him out of the race!  They’re even begging the media to help them.

Truly, Donald Trump is no Republican.  But he’s got charisma.  He’s got chutzpah.  He’s got great name ID.  And he’s got more money in his wallet than the Establishment “Darling” Jeb is going to raise in eighteen months.  He just recently announced that he is prepared to spend $1 billion of his own money to win.  And in this era of populist disgust with the political class (That would be everybody in this race but Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Carly Fiorina), Trump’s message is resonating.

Could Tennessee be next?

Many GOP members of the Tennessee General Assembly have already thrown in with Scott Walker, Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush.  The State Party Apparatus seems to favor Bush.   After all, their last two invitees to the Statesman’s Dinner have been Bush and Chris Christie.  What’s clear nationally is that voters have had all they want of the political class at every level.

And what an opportunity for Democrats (remember, tens of thousands of them are already voting in GOP primaries and can elect Democrats in solid Republican House Districts like TN-27) to throw a wrench into the Tennessee Presidential Primary by going to the polls and pulling the lever for the Donald.  Think about it.  In a state where the past two Presidential winners (Huckabee and Santorum) would get more invites to teach Sunday School than to the Statesman’s Dinner, the next winner could possibly be … wait for it … an evil Commercial Developer from NEW YORK…who gives free helicopter rides to kids!

Reason it out.  If you were a traditional Tennessee Democrat and your choices were: (1) An old, tired-looking former First Lady who won’t answer questions, won’t abide by the laws on National Security and changes her policy positions at the speed of light; (2) an avowed old Socialist who thinks Greece is the place to be, or (3) a former Mayor of Baltimore who left his city vulnerable to rioting.   Would you, could you pull the lever for a flamboyant Entrepreneur who just lets it fly without regard for political nuance, (the very thing you and your Republican friends equally despise) what would you do, besides begging old Joe Biden to get into the race for some comedic relief?

Did we mention this slew of Democrat crossovers would also create havoc down-ballot in every other race.  Trump’s presence on the ballot offers a flicker of hope for the Democrats to get more of their people elected by drafting Trump under the cover of the “R”.

You can take this to the bank.  Donald Trump is feeling it.  His money and his ego will take him deep into this Primary process.  (Remember, we’ve moved up in the calendar.)  He’s got the “Big Mo’” going strong.  His crowds are huge.  When observers like me thought he hurt himself in the first debate, his numbers barely moved.  Chances are he will continue to suck all the media air out of the room in the coming GOP debates.  And he’s coming to Nashville this month to speak before many Conservative devotees in the Republican Party.

Nationally, Establishment pundits are begging for airtime to explain why Trump is just a media creation and arguing that the American voter will eventually tire of the bombastic speeches and references to the Chinese, the “Wall” that he will force Mexico to build, and shredding the Iran Nuclear Deal.  Trump?  He just keeps making that speech everywhere and the crowds keep getting larger and the momentum keeps building and the Pundits keep begging for more airtime.

I don’t like Trump.  But I don’t like Jeb, or Chris, or Lindsay, or John either.  But I just have one vote.  Trump devotees number in the tens of thousands.  Many of them are Republicans who are tired of giving “conservatives” huge majorities and getting nowhere.  But many more are Democrats who want to make sure they decide the outcome of Republican primaries.

If the Republican-dominated Tennessee General Assembly wants to derail this Trump train, they better get their act together and get a bill in front of the Governor by January 16 to close Tennessee’s primaries that will take effect January 18, 2016.  Otherwise the headline in the March 2, 2016 Tennessean may read, “Karma Strikes Establishment Republicans: Trump Wins Big!”

Source:  Tennessee Spotlight

 if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, and the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.


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