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Rep. Andy Holt Announces Re-Election Campaign Kickoff Tour



Holt Family UNION CITY, Tennessee, October 28, 2015– As many of you already know, I first ran for office in 2009 because I was alarmed by the damage being inflicted upon Tennessee, and the rest of our country, by President Barack Obama and the Washington cartel. I saw very few state leaders, at that time, who were willing to actively stand & fight Washington. It is a very unfortunate state of affairs when the single greatest threat to Tennessee is our own federal government’s over-reach into issues reserved for the states by the Tenth Amendment. Whether it’s the EPA killing the mineral industry, forcing Tennesseans to pay new taxes if they can’t afford to buy Obamacare’s skyrocketing insurance premiums, leaving a flood gate open for illegal immigrants, forcing our children to conform to Common Core, the NSA spying on law abiding Tennesseans, or slowly erasing the Second Amendment, the federal government has no intention of following the Constitution unless the people begin demanding it do so.

I ran to preserve the traditional values and core principles of our great State of Tennessee, from an out-of-control federal government. I ran because I think we need elected officials who consistently stand on conservative principles, who seek to represent their constituents’ wishes, and not the wishes of special interest groups. I ran because I believe in the American Dream and the prosperity that only a free-market economy can supply; where the government doesn’t pick winners and losers. I ran because I recognized the threat of a federal government monstrosity, and the perpetual effort to take power from this state every single day. I ran to protect my 5 children from a government that says it has their best interest in mind, but simultaneously burdens them with over $18 trillion in debt. I ran because conservatives know that money is best spent by those who work to earn it, not politicians that always want more tax dollars.

Join Rep. Andy Holt for a Free BBQ Pig Roast. Rain or shine, we'll be BBQ'ing! Join Andy for a free BBQ Pig Roast. Rain or shine, we’ll be BBQ’ing! Weakley and Carroll County Tour Dates Will Be Announced Soon.

Someone had to stand up to the feds and fight for our God-given constitutional rights. Someone had to stand up and take on the alphabet soup bureaucracy, from Washington, including the NSA, EPA, IRS, DOE, etc. Someone had to stand against Planned Parenthood and protect the sanctity of life. Someone had to stand for our families, farmers and small businesses. Someone had to fight back against increases in state taxes and wasteful spending. It is for these reasons, and many others, that I ran for office.

When you come to Nashville, and you take a stand for the people in your community, you become a target. When you tell your community what’s really happening behind the scenes in government, some people want you out of office as soon as possible. So be it. I ran for office to ensure government was accountable to the people. I didn’t run for office so that “business as usual” could continue on.

While we may not agree on every issue, every time, you can be guaranteed that I will always tell you the truth about legislation and why I voted the way I did.

I’m a small-town farmer, not a politician. What’s the difference? Politicians tell you one thing, and then do another. Politicians will mislead you. Politicians have consultants and special interests telling them how to vote based on which way the wind is blowing that day. Politicians respond to special interests, not the people. Politicians fear those who are elected to office and refuse to do business as usual.

I’m not a politician. I ran for public office to fight for this state and our values, which is why as long as I am in office, I will continue to fight for conservative Tennessee values, free-markets, and our God-given rights regardless of political correctness. I will continue to stand against a burdensome federal government to restore our state sovereignty. I will continue to ensure your voice is heard.

I believe in our Christian values, family and the value of hard work. I believe that our best days are ahead of us. I believe in Tennessee. I also know, however, that we must be vigilant. Freedom and liberty are not guaranteed. We must fight to protect them. When the wind howls, we must stand firm. I’m asking you to believe in the American dream and our collective stand to defend it. I’m asking you to stand for the future of your children and grandchildren. I’m asking you to stand for our Christian values, our families, our farmers that feed us and our small businesses that supply the goods and services that we enjoy. I’m asking you to stand for the Constitution. I’m asking you to stand firm for the great State of Tennessee. As we walk towards 2016, I’m asking you to stand with me as I run to represent Northwest Tennessee in the Tennessee General Assembly.

I wanted to reach out to you and make this special announcement. I am running for re-election! The kickoff tour will start in Union City on November 3 from 6-8 PM at 2685 Allie Campbell Rd. Union City, TN 38261. Rain or shine, we’ll be having a huge BBQ pig roast. Admission is free. Dates for Weakley County and Carroll County will be announced soon.

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