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TREASON BOMBSHELL: Obama Cooking the Books to Downplay ISIS [VIDEO]

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For the second time in less than 30 days, a Russian plane has been shot down. On Halloween, ISIS terrorists claimed responsibility for shooting down a Russian Passenger plane over Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula killing all 224 aboard. On Tuesday, the Turkish military shot down a Russian fighter jet they claim was flying inside their airspace. Vladimir Putin has denied the fact that the jet invaded Turkish Airspace but NATO and the US say otherwise. In response, Russia has escalated military bombings in the area where the jet went down. Will this be the start of WWIII? I go through the tumultuous historical relationship between these two countries.

Also I cover a story that barely anyone in the media is talking about. A report that first surfaced in September is starting to come to light due to the latest attacks by ISIS in Paris and Tunisia. According to dozens of Military Data Analysts, they are accusing The Pentagon and Central Command of altering or changing intelligence reports that did not fit the narrative or “tow the line” of what the Obama Administration wants the media and the American people to believe. That ISIS is “contained” and the “JV” team is on the run. As if we needed yet another reason to impeach and arrest this lying usurper in The White House.

And finally, as Black Friday approaches, Americans will take to the stores and put their country and their lives in more danger. I’m not referring to possible terrorist attacks or being run over by a Grandma with her shopping cart. I am referring to the slow and painful national death of our nation as we set out to buy more and more Chinese made products and services. Just think every time you buy a Chinese made product you are building up China’s military. Author, activist, and filmmaker Peter Navarro gives us all the harrowing details as we discuss his movie, “Death by China” and his latest book, “Crouching Tiger –What China’s Militarism means for the World.”

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