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OOPSY! Inconvenient FACT From Colorado Shooting Busts Leftist Planned Parenthood Narrative Wide Open

Editor’s Note:  We’ve also found out the shooter actually captured attention of police fleeing from a bank, early reports said possible robbery, down the street from PP.  It seems they were not the target in any sense of the word but perhaps the robber felt he would try and see if he would find a hideout with hostages sympathetic lawlessness.

Progressive leftist anti-life Democrats rushed to create a sympathetic narrative for the baby body parts chop shop Planned Parenthood, while demonizing anyone who doesn’t agree with their satanic rituals, following a mass murder that occurred in Colorado on Saturday.

Even air-headed leftist nutjob, washed-up actress Bette Midler got in on the action, jumping to conclusions as they have been taught by their lord, god and savior Barack Obama:

Thanks to overheated screeds spewing from the mouths of the GOP, and in Congress, innocent people have died in CO, including a policeman.

— Bette Midler (@BetteMidler) November 28, 2015

The left was literally cheering with glee, blaming conservatives before the bodies were even cold, as they thought they had a new reason to vilify anyone opposing Planned Butcherhood, after a 57-year-old madman, Robert Lewis Dear, was arrested following the murder of three people, including a police officer (a pro-life co-pastor at a local church). Nine more were injured, including multiple police officers, according to various news reports. The other, perhaps even more powerful and inconvenient truth for the left is the fact that none of the people killed or injured were Planned Parenthood workers or patients, a strong indication that the abortion factory was not the target of the murderer.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to concur that if Planned Parenthood was the target of Dear, and since he had locked himself up inside of a Planned Parenthood facility, he would have been shooting at the employees and/or customers, instead of, or in addition to, the police.  “We don’t have any information on this individual’s mentality, or his ideas or ideology,” Colorado Springs police Lt. Catherine Buckley said, according to the Associated Press. Moreover, Robert Lewis Dear is mysteriously listed as an “unaffiliated female” on his voter registration records, indicating either an error by the State of Colorado or a confusion with Dear’s sexuality. It’s also difficult for anti-life Democrats to blame the shooting on Republicans since Robert Lewis Dear wasn’t one.

Shamefully, while the five-hour standoff was occurring, the greedy vultures at Planned Parenthood were already using the tragedy to raise money, even though they pick-pocket American taxpayers to the tune of over $500 million per year. The following graphic was captured from Twitter by Weasel Zippers in the middle of the shootout:

Over the past few months, several undercover investigative videos by the Center for Medical Progress have exposed Planned Parenthood for illegally trafficking baby body parts from the babies they murdered, and nonchalantly negotiating prices in order to maximize their profit. The Washington Post, hardly conservative, reported that Dear was a recluse who had a long history of problems with the law dating back to 1997 including arrests for cruelty to animals and for being a “peeping Tom.” He was not convicted in either case, The Post reported, while revealing that Colleton County police released reports of at least seven other episodes with Dear.

Meanwhile, up and coming professional race hustler “Deray”…

 if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, and the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.
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