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The United States of Injustice

Wake up, then wake up your neighbor...

Wake up, then wake up your neighbor…

Editor’s Note:  Need to help your progressive friends understand…  If you place a limiting descriptive word before the word justice, justice becomes unattainable for those not included in the descriptor.   Social, minority, victim or any other subset of justice means everyone outside the spheres of those finite terms are no longer entitled to justice.  Justice must be blind, justice must apply to all equally or it is not justice.

The leftist catchphrase “No Justice, No Peace” is something of a rarity in the progressive phrasebook because it contains a hint of truth.  You cannot have a peaceful society without justice – an unjust society teeters on the edge of chaos, held in place only by the force deployed by the elite at its head.  But thanks to the mindless quest for power by liberals, who heedlessly sacrifice justice for short term advantage, we are fundamentally transforming from a just society into something very different – and very dangerous.

A just society is one in which outcomes tend toward those commonly understood to be fair and right.  A just society is one where each citizen is considered equal, and can be generally assured that his rights will be respected and that he will receive due process under the law.   A just society is one where a portion of the citizenry can lose an election or a dispute over legislation and accept it, trusting that the process was fair.  A just society is not a perfect society; injustices happen, but when they are recognized they are addressed and remedied.

Just societies prosper because the massive efforts expended to avoid injustice in unjust societies are turned to productive activities.  In a just society, citizens can trust in the system to protect their property rights, which encourages investment instead of stuffing cash in mattresses to safeguard it from being pillaged.  In a just society, taxation is based on the honor system; while the IRS does a few audits, it functions because most Americans generally calculate and pay what they owe themselves.  In a just society, power passes from party to party and back peacefully.

We are becoming an unjust society.

Where citizens used to be equal, there are now two kinds of citizens.  There are the allies of Obama, and there are the rest of us.  There are two sets of laws, two standards of behavior, two Americas – one for them, and one for us.

Look at Hillary Clinton, that poisonous, pant-suited toad whose shameless, felonious email antics would have her in a federal court docket if she was anyone else except the Democrat frontrunner. It’s not even a close call – those of us who dealt with classified information understand that had we done a tenth of what she did we would be spending the next decade transforming big rocks into little rocks at Leavenworth.  In fact, General Petraeus did just a tenth of what she did, and he was prosecuted.  But though her guilt is beyond question, she never, ever will be.  That is unjust.

 if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, and the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.


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