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Cops Just Announced Something Bizarre About Colo. Shooting That Makes It Look Even Worse

 As Americans search for a motive in the bizarre Colorado Springs shooting spree that killed three people, Colorado Springs police have said they do not plan to share what they know.

On Sunday, police said they are sealing the warrants in the case of Robert Lewis Dear, accused of perpetrating the attack. They have also said they will not release information on a possible motive, a timeline of events, or even the weapon used.

Because the incident took place at a Planned Parenthood clinic, media reports claiming Dear mentioned “no more baby parts” after his arrest have been used to suggest abortion was a motive.

However, Dear has also been characterized as being marginally coherent.

“In his rambling interview Dear also mentioned President Barack Obama, so the sources told NBC that it was unclear whether he targeted the clinic because of abortions,” Raw Story reported.

As police kept an official lid on Dear’s motives, media sources were piecing together his background.

“Dear was barely known to neighbors near two of his dilapidated small-town homes — except those whom he freaked out,” summarized The New York Daily News after probing Dear’s North Carolina background. “The few who knew him said he never seemed particularly political, religious or violent, but definitely seemed to have some screws loose.”

Dear moved from North Carolina to Hartsel, Colo., in 2014. He registered to vote there in 2014, but registered as a female with no party affiliation.

Local media reported that the property has no water or electricity.

“He seemed okay to me,” said real estate agent Jim Anderson, who oversaw Dear’s land purchase. “Just like anybody who wanted to buy a piece of land in this one-horse town.”

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