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America, don’t turn our survival battle into a Vietnam…drip, drip, drip

By Laurie Roth

Fight, stand, and close the deal

We must become a red, white, and blue t rex-size octopus with sticky and angry tentacles and plenty of U.S.-made ink to hurl. It is time to squeeze and squeeze until eyes pop out, while hurling brush strokes of U.S. flags and Holy Bibles on our enemies.

Obama and his anti-American team apparently have the “forgetting” disease, although Obama has not entirely forgotten us high-horse riders. How inspiring of our president to remind us of our history. It is now time to saddle up all the horses and ride. Our country depends on the masses having a sober focus, fueled by our high-horse American and Christian genetics.

Mainstream American media – from the mouth of a host, writer, and therapist

Mainstream media people, how does it feel to have reintroduced slavery in America? No…I’m not talking about the white conservatives who hate and want to destroy the blacks as you say. No…I’m not talking about the hypocritical Christians and conservatives who would stand against gay marriage and endless abortion. I’m talking about the loudest and most damning self-imposed slavery there is…you. You have long ago handed over your free will, ethics, patriotism, and power to the anti-American left and Obama. Do you like the way it feels to have someone else move your legs, arms, and lips up and down? Look at those pointy long wooden noses, but in our story, you don’t become human. America works around you and you are eventually destroyed. Too bad, so sad. You are not only sell-out traitors to America, but you are nothing but treasonous widgets in Obama’s game board and of course…slaves.

Thank our Lord for alternative media who still have suction in their tentacles and own themselves. More and more a Judge and court rises up and breaks lose their Obama shackles. Only recently a federal appeals court dealt a deathly blow to Obama’s attempt to clap his hands and declare amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. Bravo to Judge Andrew Hanen and other judges and courts that are continuing to weigh in against the other unconstitutional, clap-Obama-hands decrees like Obamacare. We can clap our hands as well, Obama.

Both, imposed amnesty and Obamacare were designed to destroy, steal private information, bankrupt and control formally the best health care system on the planet. It was designed to create a desperate nation of health slaves so Obama can have his single payer, non-healthcare system.

Amnesty, which I have been fighting way before Obama and Bush years, has nothing to do with family values, creating jobs, and helping the poor and needy! It never did.

Trump is 100% right. Amnesty is treason, crushing our economy and national security. Jeb and you other wishy washy Republicans listen up. Our self-imposed cult of illegal aliens is importing terrorists, drug dealers, rapists, identity thieves, and non-taxpayers. It is filling up our prisons and closing our schools. No matter how many times you speak in Spanish it is still happening. Not securing our boarders and playing…

 if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, and the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.


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