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BBC’s Katty Kay: ‘Long-Standing Mistrust’ From European Allies About Obama’s Approach To Syria [VIDEO]

BBC World News America host Katty Kay blasted the Obama Administration insisting, “The single biggest criticism from Europe of American of foreign policy under Barack Obama has been Syria.”

Appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Tuesday, Kay explained that the criticism isn’t new, “It dates back to when … he didn’t cross the red line, and he had, actually, the French, who were in the vanguard of European countries in saying we should now bomb Syria because they are using chemical weapons, he left them hanging out to dry when he rolled back on that.”

“So there’s long-standing mistrust from European allies about the White House’s approach to Syria, and it’s escalated recently when Europeans so clearly feel the threat and they’ve felt that America has been slightly divorced from it because of the Atlantic Ocean and the fact that it’s harder for refugees and for militants, jihadis to come here,” said Kay.

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