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‘Clock Kid’ Ahmed Mohamed’s Family Just Sent A Mind-Blowing Demand To Irving, Texas

Editor’s Note:  Again a common method of Shariah, Jihad By Court.  It is a way to both damage the party you intend and intimidate anyone else from raising a finger against Islamist’s no matter what they do until all are in SUBMISSION, which by the way is what “Islam” means.

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The mayor described Mohamed as “passive aggressive.”

Attorneys representing the family of Ahmed Mohamed (“Click Kid”) sent letters to the City of Irving and the Irving School District demanding a total of $15 million and apologies for the incident involving the student’s homemade clock in late September.

The letters, obtained by the Dallas Morning News, demand $10 million from the City of Irving and $5 million from the Irving School District. The attorney also called for apologies from Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne and Police Chief Larry Boyd.

If all the family’s demands are not met within 60 days, the attorneys promise to file a lawsuit to pursue claims based on alleged violations of Ahmed’s 4th Amendment constitutional rights regarding unlawful searches and seizures, as well as his Title VI protections against discrimination based on his race, religion and national origin.

The attorneys charge that due to the incident, the family has experienced significant emotional distress and has been forced to move from their home out of concern for their safety.

As reported by Western Journalism, Ahmed, 14, was arrested after bringing a homemade clock to school on Sept. 14, 2015. School officials mistook it for a bomb and called the police, who questioned the teen at the school for over an hour, and then arrested him and took him to the police station for further questioning. No charges were ultimately filed, and the teenager was released. However, the school suspended the student for three days apparently for his behavior during the investigation.

The Mohamed family’s attorney wrote in their demand letters, “The whole chain of events was an extraordinary rendition in miniature, in which Ahmed was treated as though he had no rights at all, despite his American citizenship.”

Because Ahmed is a minor, the school is barred from revealing to the public exactly why it took the disciplinary actions it did.

Mayor Van Duyne told Blaze TV in September that “allowing the school district to share information would certainly ‘help to describe why’ the incident ‘progressed as it did.’”

Van Duyne described Mohamed as “passive aggressive” towards school officials as they sought to assess the situation regarding his clock.

Ahmed gained worldwide notoriety as a result of the incident, including having the opportunity to meet with President Obama at the White House, as well as television appearances and invitations to visit Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg, MIT, Google and Twitter.

h/t: TheBlaze

2018.11.23 Irving ISD Demand Letter

2015.11.23 City of Irving Demand Letter

 if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, and the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.


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