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Feds Are Scrambling To Regulate The American Drone Industry

No legislation contrary to the Constitution is a law (or a rule)

No legislation contrary to the Constitution is a law (or a rule)

Editor’s Note:  Yet ANOTHER unconstitutional “pretended legislation”.  Are you as tired as I am of Congress using the “Commerce Clause” to justify Federal Tyranny?  Remember too, there is NO CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORIZATION for “Executive Orders” to be law, so how is could Congress “Legislated It”?

The Obama Administration announced plans for the registry Oct. 19 and the hope was to have the drone regulations in place before Christmas. They claim that over one million new drones could be given as gifts this season. (RELATED: US Announces Task Force To Develop Drone Registry)

The registration requirement would apply to drone operators and not the individual drones. The operator would receive a single registration number from the FAA and then place the number on each drone they own.

As the use of drones in military campaigns increased over the years, so has the domestic and commercial use for drones increased.

Amazon and Walmart are experimenting with drone-based deliveries, utility companies are considering using drones to cut costs, a number of companies use drones for image and video photography, hospitals and research facilities use drones to deliver medicines, and these are just a few examples. (RELATED: Whistleblower Releases Federal Drone Documents Illustrating Obama’s Bloody ‘Drone War’)

However, with the growing use of drones for individuals and companies, comes higher instances of drone accidents—which captured the attention of the FAA and was a prime reason for the creation of the drone database.

In Virginia, four or five people suffered minor injuries Aug. 2013 from a drone that crashed at during the Great Bull Run festival at Virginia Motorsports Park. (RELATED: British Company Develops E-Ink Panels To Make Small Drones Invisible)

A drone operator cut the nose of a photographer Dec. 2014 after the operator tried to land the drone on a reporter’s hand. After flinching, the reporter sent the drone straight into the face of the photographer.

A drunken Department of Defense employee crashed a drone into the White House lawn Jan. 2015.

The video below is just one example of the type of toy drone that could fall under the regulatory arm of the FAA if the task force proposals are accepted.


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