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Hollywood Actor Just Fully Exposed Media’s Anti-Carson Bias By Sharing One Image

James Woods has managed to stand out in recent years as a prominent conservative in the left-leaning entertainment industry. The actor frequently waxes political via social media, sparking a reliably diverse mixture of criticism and praise as he shares his strong opinions.

Along with numerous pundits, Woods recently weighed in on the media scrutiny over decades-old events chronicled in GOP presidential front-runner Ben Carson’s autobiography. While outlets including CNN and Politico have treated perceived incongruities as major factors in the upcoming election, Woods echoed a number of conservatives who pointed out the media’s disregard for apparent lies told by leftist politicians.

He shared one meme meant to demonstrate that alleged bias.

That darn Ben Carson! Hiding stuff from the

— James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) November 7, 2015

Woods’ post included a dozen records ostensibly sealed by the Obama administration, including college transcripts and professional records from his legal and senatorial careers.


.@RealJamesWoods lol a quick Google search would debunk every single point on this stupid meme — Gamblor (@gamblor5555) November 9, 2015

Some of those remarks, however, were countered by those who feel the above-referenced Google search would uncover further evidence of media bias.

@EugeneMirman@RealJamesWoods Yes, because Google & “FactCheck” (run by leftists) are the be all and end all of truth telling. What a joke!

— Tena Gallagher (@GallagherTM) November 9, 2015

Much of the reaction was sympathetic to Woods’ overarching point, though. In like fashion, several opted to express their support with a meme.


@RealJamesWoods Yep… — Dennis Laws (@dlaws99) November 9, 2015

h/t: The Gateway Pundit

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