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Jets dazzle city with aerosol injections; live view on Periscope

November 21, 2015 , , , Comment Please click the link to see our report on today’s poisoning.

Lunchtime at my house in Soddy-Daisy, a venomous sky. (Photo David Tulis)

Coal fly ash is the material sprayed by government and contractor jets over may part of the world, including Chattanooga today. Three chemtrails are in evidence, as seen at about 11 a.m. from Lowe’s in Hixson. (Photo David Tulis)

If this were condensation and water vapor, the materials would not drip as they do in this plume over my house. (Photo David Tulis)

Sky stripes are a governmental deposit of recycled coal ash. A “persistent contrail” differs from an innocent one, which you can see in this photo looking south toward Chickamauga dam. (Photo David Tulis)

This wide view shows jet treatment in the skies over Northgate mall in Chattanooga. (Photo David Tulis)

Notice how the ash slowly spreads among these aerosol geoengineering trails as seen over the Hixson post office. (Photo David Tulis)

This view over Hixson Pike looks westward on a day of heavy “albedo modification,“ in which the sun is dimmed by cloud-making jet traffic. (Photo David Tulis)

Earlier this week I saw this from my North Chattanooga office. (Photo David Tulis)

A “sun dog” glitters in the skies over Hixson several days ago. Aluminum and other metals in the aerosolized injected material create a prism effect. (Photo David Tulis)

By David Tulis

Jets in the federal climate change puffed their way over Hamilton County on Saturday to lay down their talcum powder-like material that spread across the sky in wispy clouds.

From Hixson at 10:30, dozens of jets were either visible or had just cut off their plume-making. I was delivering a son to another dad for a caving expedition at Books a Million along Highway 153, and saw from that parking lot, and from the Lowe’s parking lot 30 minutes later remarkable evidence of the nature of the program.

The aerial activity is, indeed, a deliberate policy.

The plumes that tattoo the sky and dissipate into clouds are not mere water condensation — or contrails, which are created by superhot jet engines drinking in subzero-degree damp air at 40,000 feet. Water vapor trails are contrails, and generally dissipate rapidly.

I saw both kinds of trails this morning. I even saw one jet, seemingly at equal height to others, making no trail at all. Humidity is not the cause of the trailwork.

As many as 30 plumes were visible at any one time this morning.

New uses for uility waste

The federal program of weather modification diffuses coal fly ash, according to J. Raymond Herndon, who has advanced the weak combat against stratospheric aerosol geoengineering with an important paper. In that paper, which immediately caught academic flak and was retracted, he says his studies of jet leavings over San Diego point the finger…

 if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, and the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.


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