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Nearly 6 In 10 Americans Say They Don’t Recognize Their Country Anymore

As many Americans mourn the perceived demise of their America, alienated, fearful and angry voters are turning to Donald Trump to reverse the changes they see around them.

A recent Reuters/Ipsos poll showed that 58 percent of Americans no longer identify with what America has become under the Obama administration. The figure for Obama’s own party was 45 percent, while among Republicans, those no longer identifying with what they see around them is 72 percent.

The poll also found that 53 percent of all Americans feel like a “stranger in their own country.”

“They look around and wonder where it all went,” wrote commentator Steven H. Ahle. “Illegal aliens have money and benefits tossed at them, while our veterans live on the streets and wait a year to receive medical treatment when they need it.”

“Men who dress and act like women are given revered status, while a true American hero like Chris Kyle is reviled as a coward.  College has become the enemy of free speech,” Ahle wrote.

Which, analysts say, explains Donald Trump’s establishment-bucking appeal.

“Trump’s candidacy taps into a deep, visceral fear among many that America’s best days are behind it. That the land of freedom, baseball and apple pie is no longer recognizable,” wrote Cliff Young and Chris Jackson in an analysis accompanying the poll.

“Trump’s rise in the polls can only be understood in context of the profound economic and cultural change in America,” they wrote. “On the one hand, many people are scared about their economic future and that of their children as the rate of economic displacement increases with the globalization of cheap labor and technological innovation. The America Dream for many is a distant, foreign concept,” they added.

“On the other hand, many people no longer recognize the America of their grandparents—an increasingly nonwhite and correspondingly more liberal country. This is scary for many Americans,” they wrote.

h/t: Conservative Firing Line

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