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Patriot Ministries Dedication (Video)

Yesterday we held a Dedication Service at Misty Hollow in Stewart, TN. About 50 Patriots attended. It was a wonderful service and a great blessing. Margaret Hampton gave a great summary in words and photos. Please check out her post. Thank you!! The supporters of Patriot Ministries. This first project is absolute proof that God’s will is bigger than any one person. It took all of us. Thank you again for your encouragement and support. I look forward to the future and the fruits of our labor. Glory to our God who can. He just can because He is.

The mission of Patriot Ministries is to provide outdoor activities for military veterans, both past and present, in order to facilitate physical, emotional, and spiritual healing through God’s natural creation and the Good News of redemption through Jesus Christ.

Terry Austin
Chaplain USA, Retired

Patriot Ministries is a Non-Profit 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated to serving Wounded Warriors, Military Veterans, and their Families; past and present.

Clarksville, TN / Ft. Campbell, KY

Phone:  931-220-2929


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