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Poll: Most Americans Dissatisfied With Budget Deal That Allows More Spending

"The Senate May"

“The Senate May”

Editor’s Note:  Do not allow congress to tell you they had no choice but to accept this budget deal…  The U.S. House ALONE can pass a budget, without the Senate and CONSTITUTIONALLY the President CANNOT VETO A BUDGET, it is NOT a law.

The majority of Americans dislike the budget deal Congress passed in October, according to a poll from the Economist Group and YouGov.

Sixty-one percent of those polled—Democrats, Republicans, and independents—said they are dissatisfied with the bipartisan budget deal and believe “lawmakers should have stuck to lower spending levels.”

The remaining 39 percent agreed that the deal “is a positive move forward.”

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The budget deal, made law with President Barack Obama’s signature earlier this month, raises discretionary spending caps by $80 billion over fiscal 2016 and fiscal 2017, as The Daily Signal reported Oct. 30. It also suspends the national debt limit until March 15, 2017.

Conservatives in Congress denounced the debt limit extension and opposed breaking the discretionary spending caps created in 2011.

The rate of dissatisfaction measured in the poll was higher among Republicans and independents, with 79 percent of Republicans and 67 percent of independents viewing the budget deal as a bad move.

In contrast, only 42 percent of Democrats expressed a preference for “lower spending levels.”

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