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Revealed: US Military Could Soon Make BIG Changes That’ll Give ISIS Nightmares

Editor’s Note:  The problem is in “politics” they don’t actually have to do what they say they will do, they only need to smooth the feathers of their constituents and make us believe it’s been taken care of.  Don’t buy it for a minute!

The Obama administration and U.S. military command have been criticized for an unwillingness to intensify the air campaign against ISIS.

Now signs are appearing that the military may soon loosen the strict rules of engagement which have so far governed them during the 14 month bombing campaign against ISIS.

While Barack Obama has been defending the strict rules of engagement, Defense Secretary Ash Carter opened the door to loosening them in an interview on Thursday.

Carter said: “We’re prepared to change the rules of engagement. We’ve changed tactics, as we just did in the case of the fuel trucks.”

U.S. Air Force A-10 and AC-130 gunships hit 116 ISIS fuel trucks on Monday as part of a new effort to diminish ISIS’ large oil revenues. U.S. pilots were previously not allowed to hit fuel trucks because killing the drivers would be seen as killing civilians.

During the war, ISIS has used civilians as shields from U.S. airstrikes.

Retired Air Force General David Deptula has criticized the rules of engagement the U.S. has used during the ISIS campaign.

He stated: “There is a lot of frustration because of the onerous restrictions that are being placed on individuals who are prosecuting air operations. The ‘mother may I’ request chain to be able to engage is inducing delay in actually being effective. You have obvious Islamic State targets you would like to engage but you have to wait to get approval that takes hours.”

According to Representative Ed Royce, U.S. Air Force pilots returning from fighting the Islamic State are confirming that they were blocked from dropping 75 percent of their ordinance on the enemy because they couldn’t get clearance from higher ups to do so due to the current rules of engagement.

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