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Sheriff Joe Just Beat Obama To The Punch And Threw A HUGE Wrench In His Big Plan

In the showdown over President Obama’s amnesty plan for illegal immigrants, Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona just beat Obama to the draw.

On Monday, a federal appeals court ruled that Obama had exceeded his authority when he issued an executive order to allow up to 5 million illegal immigrants to avoid deportation. On Tuesday, the White House announced that it would appeal the decision to the U.S. Supreme Court.

However, Obama will have to stand in line. His edict is already being challenged by Arpaio, whose effort to block the proposal was rejected by another federal court. Arpaio’s appeal seeks to have the amnesty program defeated once and for all.

Opposite results from the two appeals courts warrant a Supreme Court review, said Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch, counsel to the Maricopa County lawman.

The new petition to the Supreme Court discusses whether Obama’s actions “are an unconstitutional usurpation of legislative authority vested in the Congress and an attempt by the executive branch to repeal legislation enacted by Congress.”

“The Constitution can only have meaning if we are disciplined to live by it, even when politicians are tempted to cheat,” Klayman wrote in a commentary for WND. “If neither the courts nor elected politicians will protect and defend – and follow – the Constitution, they leave every door closed for a peaceable resolution of our citizens’ refusal to stand by and watch our country slowly die.”

“This case is of huge importance to the rule of law,” Klayman stated in a news release announcing the petition. “In the age of King George III, he ruled by fiat, causing a revolution and the founding of a new, free nation. Almost 230 years later, another would-be king has usurped the power of the people, and this must not be allowed to stand.

“Sheriff Arpaio and I, and all law-abiding Americans, look to the U.S. Supreme Court to re-establish the constitutional Republic, not just with regard to the enforcement of immigration laws but also to set an example that the president of the United States, be he or she Democrat or Republican, is not above the law,” Klayman said.

h/t: WND

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