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Sheriffs Just Stood Up To Obama: ‘This Is the Biggest Sham…’

The Obama administration has run afoul of local law enforcement officials on several issues, including gun control and racial profiling.

Just days after the mass release of a record 6,112 federal inmates, however, sheriffs around the country are making sure their concerns are known. Pinal County, Arizona, lawman Paul Babeau lambasted the executive decision to set the prisoners free on the basis that they pose no safety threat to the public, according to Fox News.

Pinal County, Arizona, Sheriff Paul Babeau.
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“For them to tell me or tell citizens that they’re going to do a good job and these inmates are non-violent,” he said, “when in many instances drug crimes, drug purchasing, drug trafficking are related to other, violent crimes, I’d be amazed if the 6,000 … being released are non-violent.”

Even assuming the newly free inmates are docile, Babeau pointed out the economic strain such an influx of convicted felons is likely to cause.

“On average,” he noted, “these criminals have been in federal prison for nine years. You don’t have to be a sheriff to realize that a felon after nine years in jail isn’t going to be adding value to the community. A third are illegals and felons, so they can’t work. What do we think they are going to do?”

Other sheriffs agree, including Harold Eavenson of Rockwall County, Texas.

Eavenson cited Obama’s immigration policy as evidence that he cannot be trusted to enforce the law and said if Obama administration officials are “not capable of making honest and prudent decisions in securing our borders, how can we trust them to make the right decisions on the release of prisoners who may return to a life of crime?”

Babeau insisted that supporters of this policy are selling law-abiding citizens a bill of goods.

“There’s no transition here,” he said. “There’s no safety net. This is the biggest sham they are trying to sell the American people.”

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