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Sorry left-wingers, but governors CAN turn away “refugees”

Editor’s Note:  Keep calling Gov Haslam’s Office. CALL! (615) 741-2001.  THANK HIM for standing up for Tennesseans and ASSURE HIM we the people have his back as long as he has ours.  Refer him to, send him a copy of the book.  What ever you do don’t stop encouraging people to call about it so Gov Haslam KNOWS WE ARE WATCHING.

By Tim Dunkin

Something amazing seems to be in the process of happening – a majority of the governors of our states appear to be finding the courage to stand up to the federal government and Obama’s plan to resettle terrorists disguised as “refugees” all across the country. For decades, state governments have been so cowed by the federal government that time and time again, they acquiesce to any and all unconstitutional actions forced upon them by the federal government, no matter how excessive or ridiculous. However, the remarkably stupid decision by the Obama administration to proceed with its Syrian “refugee” resettlement plans, even in light of last weekend’s terrorist attack in Paris, has finally forced the hand of conscientious governors who have been tasked with the duty to protect and do what is best for the citizens of their respective states. As of this writing, the governors of 27 states have stood up and said, “No more” to this Trojan horse assault on American safety.

Make no mistake – these “refugees” are not victims, seeking safety and freedom from oppression. They have been termed “refugees” by sympathetic media so as to cast them in a favorable light, but the actual facts say otherwise. Just look to the European experience so far. The vast majority of these “refugees” are military aged males, rather than women and children (who are typically the majority that are displaced in warzones). They have come into their host countries, defaced churches, destroyed property, committed a tremendous number of rapes and assaults, and publicly declared themselves to be “replacing” the native European populations and taking over Europe as a new “caliphate.” These people are not refugees, they are invaders, plain and simple. ISIS has bragged about infiltrating personnel into Europe – how do you think they did this? We see the answer in the fact that two of the Paris attackers (claimed by ISIS) had passports given to them when they were processed through Greece as “Syrian refugees.” There is no reason – none whatsoever – to think that the same things wouldn’t happen here once we have large numbers of these “refugees” settled in our cities.

So by rejecting the settlement of these “refugees” in their states, these governors are performing a tremendous public service in protecting the lives and property of the citizens and residents of their various states.

Of course, the left wing is absolutely livid at this rejection of Pre__ent Obama’s seditious plans for America. Not unexpectedly, they’re falling back on arguments about how it is “illegal” for these governors to refuse to allow “refugees” into their states, claiming it’s “unconstitutional” for them to do so. It’s funny how they Left only discovers the Constitution when it thinks it can use it to advance their agenda, isn’t it?

Nevertheless, they are absolutely wrong. In fact, these state governors are completely within their rights to reject any “refugee” settlement in their states, and they have the Constitution on their side in doing so.

First of all, if we…

 if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, and the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.


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