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The American voter — smarter than a fifth grader?

RNC Passing Rule 16

RNC Passing Rule 16

Editor’s Note:  For a decade now the MAJORITY of American’s have believed we need a NEW MAJOR PARTY.  This year, according to Gallup, 60% are so inclined.  The truth is Trump is the only candidate capable of standing up against the GOP and being his own man.  Any of the others, yes any one of them, can be swept aside at the RNC because of Rule 16 passed by the RNC in 2012 which allows the RNC to UNSEAT and REPLACE delegates not supporting the “presumptive nominee.” 
Should Trump continue to lead the RNC could not reject him without exposing their tyranny in such a way as to make it undeniable to anyone with half a brain.


By Michael Bresciani

Author Doug Johnson, a prolific writer and blogger published a piece about how the election of Ted Cruz could end up getting Hillary into the oval office. I examined Doug’s article and after visiting his blog realized that this colorful writer was loaded with political savvy and a great deal of insight – but with a tinge of the conspiracy theorist penchant for the – ‘what is really behind the scenes, even though nobody can prove it.’

There was only one point in Doug’s article published on the newly rising ‘Barbwire‘ website under the direction of J. Matt Barber that I could not get out of my craw. It had nothing to do with Hillary, but has to do with how the American voters perceive or understand what is being said to them by the various GOP candidates in this election cycle.

Mr. Johnson says that the reason Mr. Trump’s message resounds with so many Americans is because, it is delivered to them on the level of a fifth grader.

Johnson declares, “The GOP candidates were criticized for speaking below a college level at the last debate, with every candidate speaking between a 5th grade and 9th grade level (Trump at the 5th grade level, Cruz at the 9th grade level and everyone else in between), the fact is that anyone who’s studied marketing communications and public speaking knows that you should always speak between a 5th grade and 8th grade level to make it easy to understand. That is also the level that accomplishes the most persuasion.”

After viewing the entire two hour upper tier GOP debate on Tuesday November 10, 2015 almost anyone would come to the same conclusion as Mr. Johnson.

If we boiled Mr. Trump’s assessment of America’s failings down to its essence it would seem that America’s biggest problem is simply – China. If we whip China into shape we are headed for complete fiscal recovery. This is third grade stuff and no higher.

Trump has shown clearly that he is largely a one note candidate, but the politics and the problems in today’s world are currently a symphony being played badly and out of key.

Still others say it is the growing anger with politicians that draws voters to Trump.

I would offer a completely different analysis to explain the Trump phenomenon.

We are simply repeating the mistakes of 2008 and 2012. We chose to believe a campaign slogan that was an undefined promise of something we all felt we needed – change. We hooked on to a pop-culture figure that promised us the moon and the stars and we would not be deterred.

Almost eight years later we see that it is a smoldering heap of broken promises, lies and the deepest trek into immorality both we and our forefathers could have ever imagined.

Today we say men marrying men is peachy, the Keystone pipeline is messy, and America’s rising conviction that abortion is murder and many abortions are genocide is morose. Barack Obama has shown us his change and now…

 if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, and the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.


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