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Yes, There IS an ISIS Connection to the San Bernardino Shooting

ISIS in usa

Ok, ok, the national media, President Obama, and liberals everywhere got it completely wrong. The horrific shootings in San Bernardino had nothing to do with “workplace violence”, white supremacists, Republicans, or the NRA.

This was absolutely an act of radical Islamic terrorism.

And now, further proof has risen to connect ISIS directly to one of the shooters.


The Blaze has the shocking revelation:

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (TheBlaze/AP) — The female shooter in the San Bernardino massacre is believed to have pledged allegiance to an Islamic State leader on Facebook during the deadly attack, three U.S. officials “familiar with the investigation” told CNN. Police say Sayed Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, carried out a carefully planned attack in California, killing 14 and injuring 21.

The three U.S. officials said Malik posted a message on Facebook under a different name while the attack was underway, pleading allegiance to Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The officials didn’t reveal the evidence showing what led them to that conclusion.

isis leader

This is the sad result of a President who refuses to look upon reality; the harsh reality of radical Islamic terrorism as it exists in the world today.

Obama’s inaction and passivity not only created ISIS, it has allowed the Muslim terrorist group to expand around the world and to come to America’s shores.

The Blaze has more:

It’s not the first time a terrorist has taken to Facebook to pledge allegiance to the terrorist group before committing an attack.


Authorities say that the couple sprayed as many as 75 rounds into the room before fleeing. They died four hours later and 2 miles away during a furious gunbattle with police.

The pair had more than 1,600 bullets when they were killed. Police said they also had 12 pipe bombs, tools to make more explosives, and well over 4,500 rounds of ammunition at home.

Of course this was terrorism; anyone with any level of intelligence can see this.

Rudy Giuliani

As CNS News reports, former Mayor of NYC Rudy Giuliani has harsh words for the terrorism-deniers:

Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City during 9/11 and a U.S. associate attorney general under President Reagan, said the mass shooting in San Bernadino, Calif., on Wednesday was unquestionably an “act of terror” and if, at this point, one could not conclude it was an act of terror, then “you’re a moron.”


“It makes sense to me that it’s an act of terror,” said Giuliani. “If you can’t come to the conclusion at this point that this is an act of terror, you should find something else to do for a living than being in law enforcement. I mean, you’re a moron.”

“This is an act of terror without any question,” said Giuliani. “Two assault weapons, two handguns, bobbytrapped home, body armor, a home that looks like they were preparing for war or some kind of battle. So, it’s an act of terror.”

He continued, “The real question is what’s the motivation? Is this part of, is ISIL, the Islamic State’s plot? Is it part of some other plot? Is it homegrown jihadism or is it just insanity? Those are the issues that are out there”

“There are a lot of suggestions that it has a connection to the Arab, Islamic faith,” said Giuliani. “He [Farook] went to Saudi Arabia. He got an online bride [Tashfeen Malik] in Saudi Arabia. These are tactics that are taught by the Islamic State. These are tactics that are encouraged by the Islamic State. Those things would suggest you’ve got to look at that very carefully.”

Giuliani has proved to be prophetic in his suspicions.

Now, we know there was an ISIS connection to the murderers.  They were American ISIS followers.


So much for the President attempting to use this latest tragedy to push his gun control agenda. Even the hardened anti-gun Democrats in Congress are running away from Obama’s abject blindness on this matter.

But don’t expect President Obama to utter the words “radical Islamic terrorism” anytime soon. It just doesn’t fit his self-deluded agenda.

Russ Hepler

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