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Question: Why Is Obama IGNORING America’s Biggest Hate-Crime Victims!?

Obama Ignoring Hate-Crime Victims

President Barack Obama, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the mainstream media establishment desperately want us to believe that Muslims face a nonstop onslaught of abuse, discrimination, harassment and hatred, but statistics from the FBI tell a very different story.

Lat month the FBI released its annual Uniform Crime Reports, and while it showed that anti-Muslim hate crimes have risen, which is definitely a valid concern, it also showed that the number of anti-Muslim hate crimes in America still pales in comparison to the number of anti-Jewish hate crimes.
Specifically, out of the 1,140 reported hate-crime victims in 2014, 58.8 percent experienced anti-Jewish bias while 16.1 percent experienced anti-Muslim bias:

Religion-Motivated Hate Crimes 2014 FBI Statistics

Yet Obama, Lynch and the liberal media keep howling about anti-Muslim bias, all while they ignore the more pressing concern of anti-Jewish bias that the statistics show remains far more prevalent throughout America.
Even worse, these charlatans waste our limited national resources trying to root out these small cases of anti-Muslim extremism, when, as Red State contributor Jay Caruso opined, they “would be better served using all of the resources at their disposal to prevent similar attacks and leave the mealy-mouth caterwauling to groups such as CAIR.”

All the while, they wonder why an anti-Muslim sentiment seems to be fostering in America. Might it perhaps because they — as in Obama, Lynch and the liberal media — keep making Muslims out to be gigantic victims, when in fact the statistics show something different altogether?

Might it also be because these jackholes care more about appeasing the Muslim Brotherhood than they do about preventing actual crimes of hatred, i.e., terrorist attacks!?
Could it be that? HUH!? MAYBE!?

Given how hard Obama and crew try to portray Muslims as victims, it seems as if they want to do to the Muslim community what they did to the black community via the Black Lives Matter movement.

Here’s a question that ought to get them thinking: How did THAT turn out for ya’ll?


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