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Obama Insults Jews and Israel at Hanukkah Ceremony

Hanukkah Menorah

It is absolutely no secret that President Obama doesn’t like Israel.  He repeatedly goes out of his way to criticize Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

But, apparently President Obama doesn’t like the Jewish people very much either.

This was just proven by the sad spectacle his invited guest made of the traditional Hanukkah celebration at the White House.
The American Thinker explains:

Leave it to Barack Obama to turn what should be a celebration of the Jewish people’s survival in the face of adversity into a politicized rant celebrating the cause of the Palestinians, who want to “drive them into the sea,” as has been promised since the birth of the modern State of Israel.

… the White House chose Susan Talve to light the Menorah. Talve is a member of the anti-Israel group T’ruah which is currently promoting assorted “soft BDS” programs. She’s also a Ferguson activist. Her behavior was deeply insulting to the religious Jewish community and made it clear that the White House was determined to hijack even a Chanukah party to promote an anti-Jewish agenda.

So the general conviviality of the Chanukah party was disrupted by a crazed rant from Susan Talve in which she seemed determined to jam as many leftist talking points as possible in her limited time. Instead of talking about Chanukah, Talve blathered on about getting, “guns off our streets” and to “clean up the fires of toxic nuclear waste”.

Talve screeched, “I stand here with my fierce family of clergy and black lives matter activists who took to the streets of Ferguson”.

Having celebrated the race riots which destroyed a community, she pivoted to Syrian Muslim migrants. Chanukah is a celebration of the Maccabees defeating a Syrian occupation, but Talve may not even know that. Radical clergy tend to be light on the religion and heavy on the social justice.

Hanukkah image

Instead she rambled on about how the “gates of this nation would stay open for all immigrants and all refugees”.

Then, not satisfied with having made a disgrace of the Chanukah ceremony, Susan Talve declared, “I stand here to light these lights to say no the darkness of Islamophobia and Homophobia and Transphobia.”

Talve babbled about insuring “justice for Palestinians” and began gleefully chanting, “Ins’Allah, Ins’Allah”. Or “Allah Willing”.

I don’t recall Susan Talve mentioning G-d or a word of Jewish scripture. Indeed she spent more time talking about Muslims than about anything in Judaism. And yet that’s typical for Social justice clergy who have no organic ties to Judaism.

How insulting can you get?  Why even have a celebration at the White House to commemorate a significant period of Jewish history if the only reason for it is to insult Israel and the U.S.?


obama and radical rabbi

But, perhaps this is part of Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of America – denigrate one of our best allies.

The American Thinker summarizes:

Does anyone remember a White House Iftar dinner calling for an end to Islamic persecution of Jews? I didn’t think so.

Nope, of course not.  President Obama is becoming more and more militantly pro-Islamic in his final days.

Perhaps the weariness of his office has worn down his resolve and he is reverting to his old faith to bolster him.  Or perhaps, now that he has no more elections to win, he can finally be honest about his true religion.


obama and islam

But, one thing is for certain, Barack Hussein Obama does not like Jews or Israel.

In his mind, they deserve the same scorn that Christians, Republicans, the Congress, and talk radio get from his Administration.

Russ Hepler

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