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Trump Just Hit Justice Roberts With a 4-Word Truth Bomb Conservatives Have Been Dying to Hear… BOOM!

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump did not hold back on his opinion regarding Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts’ vote to save President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act — twice.

“Justice Roberts really let us down. What he did with Obamacare was disgraceful, and I think he did that because he wanted to be popular inside the Beltway,” Trump told a group of about 4,000 supporters Saturday in South Carolina, according to a report by TheBlaze.

Trump took questions from South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson, who is hosting a number of forums with Republican candidates to get their take on constitutional law and the role of the federal government.

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Trump was quick to blast Roberts for his apparent departure from the Republicans on this issue.

First, Roberts cast the deciding vote in favor of upholding the health care law’s individual mandate in 2012, thus ruling Obamacare was a legal tax.

Then over the summer, Roberts voted to allow sub­sidies na­tion­wide — another vote that saved the president’s health care plan.

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In both votes, Roberts had the opportunity to cripple the president’s health care plan but chose against it for reasons that stir up a host of theories.

Roberts’ previous votes completely baffled conservatives who understand the president’s health care plan is horrible for this country because it drives it deeper into debt, it destroys the health care market as we have known it and it brings the government into our health care business — where it does not belong. And that’s just a few of the reasons it’s bad for the country.

Trump went on to say his nominees for Supreme Court justices would be thorough adding, “We want smart, conservative and we want people that are truly in love with the Constitution.”

It’s easy to agree with Trump that Justice Roberts let conservatives down — and we are still only in the beginnings of what kind of damage Obamacare can do to the country.

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