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New CDC Report Reveals LGBT Lifestyle Prone to Violence

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With all the propaganda out there about how the homosexual lifestyle is “equal” to that of heterosexuals, one would think there was virtually no difference between the two.

At least, that’s what Hollywood, the national media, and the Obama Administration would have everyone believe.

But, a shocking new report out by the Centers for Disease Control draws back the curtain on some very ugly realities in the LGBT community.
One News Now reports:

After conducting an extensive study on homosexual behavior, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that those involved in such lifestyles experience a far greater amount of violence from one another than those in heterosexual relationships.

CDC’s National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey is a first-of-its-kind study geared to determine the difference between the victimization of men and women by sexual orientation. The results show that men and women involved in homosexual behavior undergo much higher rates of sexual violence than men and women who are heterosexual.

These findings are totally “politically incorrect” and are at direct odds with everything being pushed by the left about homosexual behaviors.  The data also contradict the assertions of Justice Anthony Kennedy as his rationale for allowing “same-sex” marriage” last summer.

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One News Now provides details:

Surprising to many, homosexual women experience more violence than men. According to the study, a whopping 44 percent of lesbians were either raped, experienced physical abuse, and/or were stalked by their intimate partners during their lifetime. Even more shockingly, 61 percent of bisexual women endured such violence from their partners.

It is also reported that 37 percent of bisexual women indicated they were stalked, which is more than double the rate that heterosexual women experience from their male partners. Furthermore, the CDC found that 37 percent of bisexual women were injured during the rape, physical violence, and/or stalking that they experienced at the hands of their sexual partners.

Tragically, 48 percent of bisexual women who reported that they were raped said that their first experience of being raped occurred when they were adolescents between the ages of 11 and 17.

The research also shows that 26 percent of homosexual men experienced rape, physical violence and/or stalking by their intimate partners. It’s even higher for bisexual men, who experience these types of assaults at a rate of 37 percent.

This is pretty shocking!  If these numbers were that high in the heterosexual population, liberals would be screaming for action to stop all the rape and sexual assault.

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But, apparently it’s in the best interests of the homosexual advocacy groups to keep these brutal truths hidden to avoid an even more penetrating scrutiny.

One New Now explains:

Refuting many of the claims by LGBT activists that homosexual behavior is a natural biological condition, the CDC report found that a large percentage of homosexual transgenders and bisexual women experienced sexual violence during their childhood years, which could have likely resulted in their choices in adulthood to adopt a homosexual lifestyle. Even though the government agency would not make an official determination that such early exposure to sexual violence was the cause of men and women ultimately choosing to engage in homosexual behavior, the statistics themselves appear to point to such a connection.

However, despite the numbers indicating otherwise, the homosexual activist organization Human Rights Campaign (HRC) claims that “poverty, stigma, and marginalization” are the cause of sexual violence.

Even LGBT leaders have conceded that those in the homosexual community tend to ignore the prevalence of sexual violence between its members.

“Until recently, [LGBTQ] intra-community sexual assault went largely unacknowledged, particularly for women who have sex with women,” National Center for Lesbian Rights Reproductive Justice Fellow Lauren Paulk admitted. “A particularly disturbing dynamic arises when the assaults are perpetrated by other LGBT community members.”

So, just like the LGBT advocates refuse to see the connection between homosexual behavior and pedophilia, so too they refuse to deal with the facts surrounding homosexual violence that abuses both children in their early years and adults who are forcibly introduced to the behavior.

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Actually, given this new data, homosexual advocacy groups have painted themselves into a corner.

If homosexuality is a natural variation of human sexuality, as they assert, then the violence connected with it also must be as well – meaning homosexuals can’t help but be rapists; it’s in their DNA.

But, if homosexual behavior is a choice, then those who force others into the behavior via rape must have psychological problems that need to be addressed for the safety of society.

If homosexual violence is treatable, then maybe the behavior isn’t in-born, but the result of environmental factors such as being sexually assaulted by a homosexual in childhood.

In either case, don’t expect the national media to ever speak of this CDC report in public.  It is just too damning for the LGBT advocates to accept.

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