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Obama TARGETS Gun Maker Smith & Wesson With BOGUS SEC Charge


As everyone knows, gun sales have been reaching all-time highs thanks to Obama and other Democrats demanding more gun control be put into place.

Most Americans know this means their right to protect themselves could potentially be infringed upon so they are making sure they have the ability NOW.

Of course, neither the gun control lobby nor Obama will admit THEY are the reason for epic gun sales.


So what does Obama do? Attacks gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson over some absolutely bogus SEC charge. As a result, their stocks tumbled.
From Zero Hedge:

Last Friday, in the aftermath of the most recent mass shooting in San Bernardino and the latest attempt by Obama to impose further gun control measures, ostensibly by executive order, we pointed out the one thing, or rather person, who even the NYT begrudgingly admitted in an article on “What Drives Gun Sales” has been the primary driver of gun sales in the US: US president Barack Obama.

Alas, as it turns out, Obama is not a fan of efficient market irony and instead of letting the chips on gun control fall where they may especially if it means record stock prices for the shareholders of SWHC and RGR, the president – in pulling a page straight out of the “US Government vs Exxon” in which the company will soon be prosecuted over its Global Warming denials as reported previously – has decided to take his vendetta with US gun makers to the next level and as the NYT reported overnight, “the New York City public advocate on Monday asked federal regulators to investigate whether the gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson had made adequate disclosures in its financial statements.

One would think that being in compliance with all existing SEC regulatory requirements would be sufficient, but when one is on Obama’s black list there are additional requirements for “adequate disclosure” one must follow, especially the ones that one does not know about because they appear only after the fact.

The NYT continues:

In an eight-page letter, the public advocate, Letitia James, said the Securities and Exchange Commission should examine whether Smith & Wesson misrepresented or omitted information about how often its products are involved in crimes and what it has done to keep its guns out of the hands of criminals.

smithwessonsecSAY WHAT????

How is this part of any SEC filings? How is this information that needs to be provided to stockholders?
Smith & Wesson is not responsible for what CONSUMERS do with their firearms. Smith & Wesson provides locks and information about safety with every firearm they manufacture but apparently that isn’t good enough.

No, Obama is now on a witch hunt. His administration is now targeting a business that provides thousands of JOBS, helps the economy and pays taxes.

Most Americans probably don’t even know this is happening.

EVERY American should be OUTRAGED by this tyrannical behavior whether you are for firearm ownership or not.

What business will be next?

Kimberly Morin

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