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More And More Immigrants Found With Terrorism Connections, Yet Obama Demands They KEEP COMING

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Because no one’s really looking, at least 29 immigrants in the last three years have been allowed to come into the United States who have been accused of being terrorists.

The Obama Administration’s insane plan to allow more Syrian and other refugees into the country will certainly let in many more without a complete overhaul of our “vetting process.”

The Washington Free Beacon is reporting that of those 29, at least 20 were brought up on terrorism charges this year alone.

All of the immigrants were given legal admission to the country, most of them from Muslim-majority nations. Three were charged this month with providing material support to terrorists.

Ten days ago, Amin al-Baroudi, 50, a naturalized American from Syria was charged with providing military supplies to an Al-Qaeda-allied group.
Also this month, a Somali man from Minnesota was charged with recruiting for ISIS.

The list goes on and on:

There were at least two instances of legal immigrants being charged with terrorism links in November 2015.

In one case, an immigrant from India who was granted lawful permanent residence to the United States due to his marriage was indicted in federal court for conspiring to funnel thousands of dollars to al Qaeda.

Charges by the Department of Justice disclosed that at least four men aimed to travel to Yemen “to support violent jihad against U.S. military personnel in Iraq, Afghanistan, and throughout the world.”

The four individuals “were each indicted on one count of conspiracy to provide and conceal material support and resources to terrorists, one count of providing material support and resources to terrorists and one count of conspiracy to obstruct justice,” according to the Justice Department.

A second immigrant from India also indicted in the case is married to a U.S. citizen.

Critics are astounded that the Obama Administration continues to turn a blind eye toward immigrants with terrorist connections. Sen. Jeff Sessions accused the president as much:

“Preventing and responding to these acts is an effort encompassing thousands of federal agents and attorneys and billions of dollars: in effect, we are voluntarily admitting individuals at risk for terrorism and then, on the back end, trying to stop them from carrying out their violent designs,” Sessions said in a recent statement.

Congressional critics have warned that a massive yearly spending bill set to be approved by Congress before the end of the year would allow the administration to approve “hundreds of thousands of migrants” from countries with major jihadist movement.

One senior congressional aide working on immigration issues explained that as the spending bill works its way through Congress, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are ignoring glaring flaws in the immigration system.

“Terrorists have proven they can easily exploit our immigration system—whether it be refugees, foreign students, or green card recipients,” the source said.

“Additionally, as with [alleged San Bernardino shooter] Syed Farook, there is the grave problem of admitting migrants whose children are recruited into terrorism. Unfortunately, the omnibus reportedly fully-funds all of the president’s resettlement operations and our autopilot immigration programs.”

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