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Obama Releasing Gitmo Terrorists Because They’ve Found YOGA And BAKING!


In his frantic effort to completely close Gitmo before he leaves office, Barack Obama will accept any excuse to set them free.

How about a sick mother? Yes! But that’s piker stuff.

Turns out loving to cook is a valid excuse, as is yoga.

The New York Post is reporting  that while one-third of all terrorists released from the Guantanamo facility return to the battlefield to fight against the United States, Obama is trying to free them all, and is taking any excuse.

One terrorist, Ibrahim al-Qosi, was a “very high-ranking al-Qaeda member, part of bin Ladin’s “personal security detail” and even knew about 9/11 beforehand.

He was released by Obama in 2012 and quickly returned to al-Qaeda and even appeared in a recruitment video.

This despite the Bush Administration saying he should remain at Gitmo because he was “high risk.”

“Detainee received basic training at the al-Faruq training camp, and as a UBL [bin Laden] bodyguard, likely received advanced or specialized training,” his intel file states, noting his experience firing rocket-propelled grenades and mortars.

The “enemy combatant” told interrogators it was his “religious duty to defend Islam and fulfill the obligation of jihad and that the war between America and al Qaeda is a war between Islam and the aggression of the infidels.” While imprisoned, al-Qosi had no fewer than 10 disciplinary infractions, including trying to fashion a shiv and assaulting two guards.

We know now, however, the bullshit excuse to release him:

“He is now in his 50s, eager only to spend his life at home with his family in Sudan — his mother and father, his wife and two teenage daughters, and his brothers and their families — and live among them in peace, quiet and freedom,” said Washington attorney Paul Reichler, who once represented Nicaragua’s communist Sandinista government and who defended al-Qosi without pay for seven years.

Apparently “peace, quiet and freedom” means taking up arms as a terrorist – again.

Al-Qosi is not alone. Nearly 200 detainees released from Gitmo have joined anti-US terror groups. In fact, a January report by Obama’s own intelligence czar found that 12 more terrorists released from prison returned to the battlefield in 2014. And another 11 re-offenders turned up in the July report.

Overall, nearly one in three released detainees have gone back to fighting against us. Yet Obama keeps letting them go. In his year-end press conference Friday, he said, “My expectation is by early next year, we should have reduced that population [of remaining detainees] below 100.”

The review process is a joke. “Taking up yoga” has been used as an argument for rehabilitation. At least five different inmates have told the same sob story to Obama’s Periodic Review Board about wishing only to see their “ailing mother” ­before she passed away.

The board, which includes liberal activists from the Justice and State departments, meets regularly in Arlington, Va., via video teleconference. This month, it’s hearing similarly pitiful stories from another slate of ruthless killers, including a pair of hard-core al Qaeda operatives from Yemen — Mustafa al-Shamiri and Zahir Hamdoun — who ­argue they no longer pose a threat to the US, either.

In defense pleadings, al-Shamiri’s lawyer pointed out that his client prepared “30 plates of pastries” for fellow inmates for their post-Ramadan feast.

Aww, what a guy! Rubber-stamp his release!

Not to be outdone, Hamdoun actually touched an infidel woman without slashing her throat. “He stood and shook my hand enthusiastically,” his lawyer gushed before parole-board officials. “The fact that I was female did not concern him.”

Need more reason to let him walk? “Before the meeting was over,” she added, “he gave me one of his drawings as a gift.”

Robert Gehl

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