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Trump’s Support Even Greater Than Polls Suggest


Donald Trump supporters have been vilified by the left-wing media.

They’re bigots, racists, hate-mongers, Islamophobes and they “hate their country.”

So it’s no wonder people who support Trump might be a little reluctant to admit it – especially on the phone to a pollster.

That’s why it might not be surprising that there’s much more support for Trump than even the polls indicate, the Daily Caller is reporting.

A study by Morning Consult released yesterday shows Trump polls six percent higher in anonymous online polling than telephone interviewing.
And – get this – the “anonymous” increase comes from adults with higher levels of education.

“In other words, people are reluctant to select Trump when talking to another person because they do not believe it will be viewed as a socially acceptable decision,” the study reads.

About 2,400 Republicans were interviewed for the study. They were given varying types of surveys to complete. Some completed a phone survey and others did the survey online.

The study found that 32 percent of Republicans in the phone survey said they supported Trump, while 38 percent of those competing the survey online supported the GOP candidate.

“Adults with higher levels of formal education appear to exhibit the largest mode effects in Trump’s favor online, whereas adults with high school degrees or less tend to favor Trump on the phone compared with online,” the study reads.
This anomaly didn’t appear with any other candidate.

“That six point difference was not seen with other candidates between the different polling methods,” the study reads. “Ted Cruz, for example, did about 2 points better on live telephone, as did Ben Carson. Jeb Bush had no difference between the methods.”

Authors of the study explained the discrepancy as a “social desirability bias.” Basically, people identify with the things Trump says, but they don’t want to admit it because they don’t think their friends will like it.

“Trump is not the pick of the political pundits, and people intuitively get that,” the study’s authors wrote.

Currently, Trump is polling at 34 percent in the Real Clear Politics average of national polls. Ted Cruz, his closest competitor, is polling around 17 percent.

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