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“White Men With Guns” Are The Problem, Dontchya Know?


Just a couple weeks after the San Bernardino terrorist attacks where – if you’ll recall – Muslims were waging jihad at the behest of ISIS, the leftist media has gone full-tilt back to blaming “white men with guns.”

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski made the comments during an interview with Rick Santorum, who I guess is still running for President. Santorum said Muslims need to “confront the cancer” of Islamic extremism, Infowars is reporting.

“Why aren’t you working on ‘white men with guns’,” Brzezinski said, mockingly raising her arms in a shrug.
“You know better,” Brzezinski told him. “You’re a smart guy. You’re telling Muslim Americans they all need to come out and talk about the tiny percentage of their community that has, kind of frankly, wreaked havoc.”

“Yet, you look at the data of white men with guns wreaking havoc on this country. Why aren’t white men coming forward. Why don’t you call on them to do that?”

Pausing only slightly to regain his composure after being hit with such an idiotic comment, Santorum responded by saying guns in and of themselves aren’t the problem; the problem is people are being raised in a violent society without proper leadership in their home.

“No,” Brzezinski said. “Let’s talk about the white men.”

Like most of the rest of the MSNBC bobbleheads, any rational argument- was lost on Brzezinski. The station continues to push the narrative that guns and domestic terrorism are a greater threat than radical Islam.

Meanwhile, because Islam is not a problem, the Obama Administration is going to push forward to permit thousands upon thousands of Muslims in this country from places where radical Islam is the norm.

Robert Gehl

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