The Media V. Trump: Media Gets ‘Schlonged’

For the first five minutes of last night’s ABC’s “World News Tonight,” it was all about Donald Trump.

They led with the “story” that Trump used a bad word when describing how Hillary lost to Obama in 2008. Trump used the word “schlonged.” As in:

“She was going to beat him, she was favored to win and she got schlonged. She lost. I mean, she lost.”

That was it, but apparently because the media thinks everything Donald Trump says is racist or sexist, they decided the word “schlonged” was so wildly inappropriate they had to beep it.

Here’s how ABC covered it this morning:

So they were busy describing the word that Trump said without even saying the word. They described it as a “vulgar description of the male anatomy.”

Well, that’s all horseshit and they all really need to shut up right now.

Trump responded to this faux outrage:

And, dammit. Trump is right.

Veteran journalist Jeff Greenfield confirmed what Trump said:

So did the New York Times’ Alex Burns:

Of course, Clinton’s camp was milking this for all it’s worth:

If you don’t think the media is out to get Trump, you’re not paying attention.

Robert Gehl

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