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A New Poll is Out Just in Time for Christmas, and Hillary Gets a Lump of Coal

The latest national CNN poll has results that Hillary Clinton will not want to see the day before Christmas, or any time of year.

Though Hillary has tried her best to both portray herself as both powerful and a victim, simultaneously, her campaign tactics are not working. They are backfiring. In this newest poll, Hillary loses to not one, but two GOP candidates. One is an establishment darling and the other is a consistent conservative rebel that the establishment love to loathe and the media love to attack.

When paired against Texas Senator Ted Cruz, a consistent and constitutional conservative, Hillary is now falling behind. Cruz leads 48-percent to 46-percent, representing a 5 point leap for Cruz since last month.

Against establishment favorite Marco Rubio, Hillary loses by three points trailing Rubio 49-percent to 46-percent.

Even Donald Trump has made some gains against Hillary, despite the Clinton campaign’s attempt to portray him as a misogynistic bigot. Last month, Trump trailed Hillary by three points in national polls. Today, he trails by two.

This is not good news for Hillary Clinton who, despite her best efforts to portray herself as ‘just one of us’ is seeing her pandering tactics backfire.

In an attempt to pander to Latinos, she recently launched a new website, “7 ways Hillary Clinton is like your Abuela.” Abuela means grandmother in Spanish. She faced backlash on social media from Latinos and others who found her pandering, rather than focusing on issues, insulting.

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