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NASA – Fossil Fuels Actually Cool the Planet

NASA global cooling

In a complete about face of the “Climate Change/Global Warming” mantra, NASA is now asserting that fossil fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas actually are cooling the planet rather than warming it.

This is a very curious development, especially after what just happened in Paris recently with the UN’s “Climate Change” conference.
Louder With Crowder has the details:

Okay I have to admit it: I admire the dedication of the global warming climate change fanatics. They’re just determined to believe humans are changing the weather of the planet, despite massive amounts of growing evidence to the contrary. Glacier-sized evidence.

The latest talking point to march to its death? Fossil fuels cause global warming. Because they don’t. In fact, NASA says they’re actually causing temporary global cooling. That sound you hear? Dying dreams. Crashing Priuses.

Major theories about what causes temperatures to rise have been thrown into doubt after NASA found the Earth has cooled in areas of heavy industrialisation where more trees have been lost and more fossil fuel burning takes place.

Environmentalists have long argued the burning of fossil fuels in power stations and for other uses is responsible for global warming and predicted temperature increases because of the high levels of carbon dioxide produced – which causes the global greenhouse effect.

While the findings did not dispute the effects of carbon dioxide on global warming, they found aerosols – also given off by burning fossil fuels – actually cool the local environment, at least temporarily.

WOW!  Isn’t this a surprise.  Burning fossil fuels actually cools the planet.

Quick, someone stop Al Gore from jumping off a bridge too far!

global warming al gore flame thr

I wonder if that means President Obama will rescind his draconian CO2 reducing regulations now that yet another group of scientists has confirmed that CO2 is actually harmless.

Don’t hold your breath on that one! (All puns intended!)

co2 meme

Louder With Crowder has more:

This NASA report comes on the heels of this other NASA Report of more ice than ever in their record-keeping history. Which is rather inconvenient if you’re a climate changer who has been saying for decades that the Earth is getting warmer, all the ice is going to melt, and we’re all going to die.

So, is NASA stumbling onto the real truth about the “Climate Change/Global Warming” scam?  Or, are they just covering themselves by attempting to “have it both ways”?

antarctic sea ice

The Express adds to the report:

The spokesman said it was “well known” that aerosols such as those emitted in volcanic eruptions and power stations, act to cool Earth, at least temporarily, by reflecting solar radiation away from the planet.

He added: “In a similar fashion, land use changes such as deforestation in northern latitudes result in bare land that increases reflected sunlight.”

Kate Marvel, a climatologist at GISS and the paper’s lead author, said the results showed the “complexity” of estimating future global temperatures.

She said: “Take sulfate aerosols, which are created from burning fossil fuels and contribute to atmospheric cooling.

“They are more or less confined to the northern hemisphere, where most of us live and emit pollution.

The study found existing models for climate change had been too simplistic and did not account for these factors.

NASA is admitting that current predictions of “Climate Change” are far too simplistic and don’t take into account all factors.

Hmmm . . . well this is a startling admission from people invested in the “Global Warming” scam to the tune of trillions of dollars.

global warming scam big bucks

Since this latest revelation violates President Obama’s “legacy” ambitions, look for these NASA officials to be discredited or ignored by the national media.

But, perhaps NASA is laying a foundation back to rational sanity once the Obama Administration and their left-wing, climate alarmists are gone from power.

antarctic sea ice globe

Whatever the case, we are seeing more and more cracks develop in Al Gore’s “settled science” of this fraud.  And, that is a very good thing.

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