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Obama Hides Loan Information About Failed Green Energy Company

Editor:  Do not be deceived Obama does not do these things on his own.  Both Establishment Parties work to undermine our liberties and spend our nation into oblivion.  The GOP may not have had “control” of the House in Obama’s initial years but neither have they lived up to their oaths of office by prosecuting Obama for obvious treasonous and felonious activities as they are REQUIRED TO DO by the Constitution.  Their refusal to do so makes them complicit under the law!  It’s time to stop looking to the establishment media and leadership for truth.  Dump the media, dump the talking heads, dump both establishment parties.  Work outside of the establishment to elect new leadership.  See

Abengoa Kansas 2

It may turn out to be Solyndra x 4 – that’s the potential for yet another Obama Administration “green energy” investment gone belly-up.

US taxpayers were left holding the bag for President Obama’s pet “green energy” company Solyndra a few years ago.

But now, it seems the amount of squandered American taxpayer dollars may be four times as much with the recent bankruptcy of international “green energy” giant Abengoa.

We reported here recently about Abengoa’s insolvency; which ironically happened just as the UN was meeting in Paris to forge a “Climate Change” CO2 reduction plan.

Unfortunately, the Obama Administration is currently hiding the numbers from the public about how bad Abengoa’s losses may turn out to be in America.
The Daily Caller has the details:

The Department of Energy recently turned over more than 1,200 pages of heavily redacted documents in response to a records request about a subsidized biofuels company from The Daily Caller News Foundation.

In October, TheDCNF filed a FOIA request with the Energy Department, asking for email records from government officials regarding federal loan guarantees given to Abengoa, a Spanish-based green energy company. The request came on the heels of reports Abengoa was running into big financial problems, despite being given generous taxpayer-backed loans.

The DOE gave TheDCNF the records it requested Dec. 18, and after spending time reviewing the documents, it’s apparent there’s a lot of information the department did not want the public to see. The DOE redacted virtually all information specific to Abengoa — in many cases whole pages were blacked out.

Reporters were mostly interested in Abengoa’s $400 million biofuels plant near Hugoton, Kansas. The company got a $132 million federal loan and a $97 million grant to build the plant, but after a year of operation the plant seemed to be having problems of its own. Despite the hype surrounding the plant, Abengoa has filed for bankruptcy and halted operations in Hugoton.

Of course Obama’s Dept. of Energy doesn’t want to let the American people know just how much money they have wasted with Abengoa; the redaction nonsense is just to save face.

abengoa kansas

The Daily Caller explains the extent of the Obama DOE cover up:

A DOE FOIA officer handed over 1,239 pages of “previously released documents, along with the response letters that accompanied them, in regards to DOE’s Abengoa project.” He added that all “personal information in the response letters has been redacted.”

DOE also redacted “capitalized interest amounts” on Abengoa’s biofuel loan, along with internal agency communications they argued fell under the “deliberative process privilege.” DOE also argued portions of the risk assessment reports on Abengoa were redacted to protect the “deliberative process” of granting federal loans.

Apparently that’s everything in Abengoa’s risk assessments except for some generic language.
DOE even redacted parts of documents discussing the production capacity of Abengoa’s Hugoton biofuel plant and how much electricity it would co-generate during operations — oddly, this exact information is publicly available on DOE’s website.

DOE’s redactions will not stop Abengoa’s bankruptcy implosion. Abengoa filed for bankruptcy protection in Spanish court earlier this month, and financial records show the company’s largest single creditor is the U.S. taxpayer.

The U.S. Federal Financing Bank held $2.3 billion in Abengoa’s debt as of Sept. 31. Taxpayers could be on the hook if the company goes under. The news has even sparked a congressional investigation.

Here is a copy of the heavily redacted document supplied by Obama’s DOE:

Abengoa Risk Assessment

No, this is not a joke. This is how arrogant the Obama Administration is when it comes to being honest with the American people as to how they are spending our money.

This will also be a huge tragedy for the people of Kansas who believed the Obama/Abengoa “snake oil salesmen” when they touted the benefits of the biofuels plant in the first place.

abengoa bioenergy
The Daily Caller summarizes:

A spokesman for Abengoa Bioenergy, which owns the plant, told TheDCNF they had not sold a single gallon of cellulosic ethanol despite the plant being up and running for a year.

Abengoa has since shut down its biofuels plant and laid off dozens of workers since they filed for bankruptcy. The company holds more than $9.8 billion in debt.

The “Climate Change/Global Warming/Green Energy” scam is one of the biggest world -wide frauds to ever be perpetrated on the human race.

global warming scam big bucks

And, the Obama Administration is among the key players in the deceit.

Russ Hepler

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