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Seriously? Hillary Clinton ‘Most ADMIRED Woman’ For 20th Year In A Row

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In what has to come as a shock to anyone who knows anything about Hillary Clinton’s despicable past, she was once again named ‘most admired woman in the United States’ by Gallup poll respondents.

How the most corrupt politician in the history of U.S. politics can be admired by ANYONE is mind boggling.

Is it that people don’t know how corrupt Clinton is or that they don’t care? Democrats certainly know about Hillary’s despicable treatment of sexual assault victims.


Of course, many of them pretend it’s just a ‘vast right wing conspiracy’ and the multiple women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault and rape are just another ‘bimbo eruption,’ as Hillary called them back in the day.

From The Hill:

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton and President Obama are again the woman and man Americans most admire worldwide, according to an annual Gallup survey.

GOP front-runner Donald Trump ties with Pope Francis for second-most-admired man.

About 13 percent say the former secretary of State is the most admirable woman living anywhere in the world today, according to the poll released Monday.

Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai ranks second with 5 percent, while talk show host Oprah Winfrey ties for third with first lady Michelle Obama at 4 percent.

Mind you, they only polled 824 people. That’s not even a statistical blip on the radar. And Clinton only got 13% so it’s not like it’s an overwhelming majority.

It’s still disturbing though. How many Americans and how many voters don’t know the truth about Hillary Clinton’s very long criminal career?

Here’s a reminder that doesn’t even INCLUDE all of it:

What’s even more disturbing are Democrats who know all about Clinton yet still support her. Those people lost their moral compasses long ago and cannot be trusted.

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