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Live Streaming Event from Spokane

Live Streaming Event from Spokane!

The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate
Spokane Valley . . . The first session of a series of classes on the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates begins tomorrow.  Attend in person or via live streaming through the state party website.

December Monthly Meeting of the Spokane County Constitution Party
“The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates”
Thursday, December 17, 2015
Order dinner and socializing 6:30 pm – Meeting begins at 7:00 pm
Shari’s Restaurant, 320 N. Sullivan Road, Spokane Valley

The county party will host a series of lessons on “The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates” by Pastor Matt Trewhella. This is a teaching on the principle of lesser magistrates intervening, or “interposing,” between the higher magistrates and the people in order to uphold the rule of law and protect the people when the higher powers go astray. This is an important concept and it leads to an equally important question that voters should ask themselves before choosing a candidate, i.e. “if elected, will this person use their position to intervene to protect my rights?” But first, voters and candidates alike need to understand this concept and determine for themselves where the lines are drawn. This is an opportunity for citizens and elected officials to learn and discuss together the when, where, how and correct application of this important concept.

Constitution Party leader and former state representative, Cynthia Davis, also interviewed Matt Trewhella for her Home Front podcast. Listen here for a good introduction to the principles we will be learning.

Ted Baker, Acting Chairman of the county party says, “This is an important topic. I hope you will attend, bring a friend and even encourage your local elected officials to join in the discussion.”   For more information, contact Ted at:  (509) 489-4462 or

This event can also be viewed via live streaming on the Constitution Party of Washington website.  Click on this link: Streaming begins about 7 pm. Feel free to use the chat option to ask questions and make comments.

Yours in Liberty,

State Chairman
Constitution Party of Washington

PS: Last month’s meeting was live-streamed and the archive copy can be viewed here:  November 2015 Meeting

December 15th

2015 has seen even great erosions of the very rights the Constitution is designed to protect.   Here are a couple of items we thought you might be interested in reading:Read the Bill of Rights

Constitution Party Position on the Bill of Rights

What Happened to the Bill of Rights?


Home Front with Cynthia Davis:  Interview with Utah State Representative Ken Ivory, CEO of the American Lands Council on the critical issue of federal lands in the Western States.

Listen here: FREE THE LAND
The Castle Report:  Darrell Castle talks about President Obama’s speech on terrorism and the San Bernardino attack and he argues that the President is wrong about which side of History we are on.



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Constitution Party candidates make the news in Idaho as three contenders will be on the March 8th Primary ballot in that race.  Latest updates can be found on the Constitution Party of Idaho website.

The 2016 Presidential nominee will be chosen in April 2016 during the National Convention to be held in Salt Lake City.  Information about event and registration will be available on the National Events page.


If you are in a county not mentioned below, and you are interested in organizing a group,
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