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US Taxpayers to Foot $3 Billion UN Bill

Editor:  Get us OUT OF THE United Nations.


When the United Nations was first proposed, it seemed like a good idea at the time.  After World War II, having an international body which met regularly to iron out differences seemed like a much preferred alternative to armed conflict.

Sadly, what the United Nations has become is little more than a socialist and Muslim nations extortion racket.

And, guess who still pays for much of it?

Yep – U.S. taxpayers.
CNS News has the most recent budget details:

American taxpayers will once again be liable for more than one-fifth of the United Nations’ regular budget next year, as well as more than one-quarter of the much-larger peacekeeping budget – a total of approximately $2,957,000,000.

The U.N. General Assembly just before Christmas approved a regular operating budget of $5.4 billion for the 2016-17 period. (That budget is calculated biannually.) Of the $2.7 billion earmarked for 2016, the U.S. will account for 22 percent, or $594 million.

Of the separate peacekeeping budget – $8.27 billion for the year ending June 30 – the U.S. is liable for 28.5783 percent, or $2.363 billion. Combined, the two U.S. contributions amount to just under $3 billion.

In actual fact the full extent of U.S. funding for the U.N. system will be considerably more than that: The $2.957 billion figure comprises the U.S. “assessed contributions” to the two main budgets, but the U.S. in addition provides much more in “voluntary contributions” to a range of U.N. agencies.

(The last time the administration was obliged by law to provide Congress with a full breakdown, the total for fiscal year 2010 was $7.69 billion. The reporting requirement fell away in 2011.)

You read that right.  US taxpayers are expected to shell out around $3 billion dollars to fund the UN; an organization which is inept at best; hostile to freedom at worst.

un peacekeepers

Why would we keep on doing this kind of financing, given the fact that our return for the “investment” is very small indeed?

CNS News has some clues:

U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power tweeted her congratulations to the U.S. team involved in committee haggling over the budget – or what she described as “tough negotiations to secure more fair UN budget to slow growing costs & take steps to streamline UN ops.”

As reported previously, according to data compiled by the conservative Heritage Foundation, American taxpayers’ share of the U.N. regular budget exceeds that paid by their counterparts in 176 other U.N. member-states, combined; while the U.S. proportion of the peacekeeping budget is bigger than that contributed by 185 other countries, combined.

There are 193 U.N. member-states. When decisions are made on the U.N. budget, the U.S. has the same (one) vote as does every other member, despite the size of its contribution. America’s 22 percent contribution comes with no more weight in the budget process than the 0.001 percent paid by the lowest-assessed nations.

There is no doubt that President Obama is sympathetic to the UN’s world socialism goals.  He sees that the role of the U.S. should be to shrink its influence in the world in order to become more “equal” to the smaller nations.

obama at un

It isn’t right that the U.S. is the only “superpower” in the world.  His policies have been designed to reduce America’s influence in the UN and in the world.

But, he still wants us to pay for it.  After all, it isn’t right that America has become the richest country in the world because of personal freedom and free market capitalism.

Sadly, the UN will never live up to its potential as long as socialists are at its heart.

The same is true of America, by the way.

obama socialist

Hopefully, the 2016 election will fix the latter problem.  After that, maybe the UN can be transformed as well.

Russ Hepler

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