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Watch: Trump Pounces On NBC Anchor When She Uses This One Word

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In a phone interview with GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump on Tuesday, Savanah Guthrie of NBC’s Today asked the billionaire to respond to a couple of recent tweets. Both dealt with reports that Democrat White House hopeful Hillary Clinton will be utilizing her husband, former President Bill Clinton, as a surrogate on the campaign trail.

Trump criticized Bill Clinton’s appearances on behalf of his wife during her previous presidential bid, declaring that he “failed badly in 2008” and was even branded a racist by some in then-candidate Barack Obama’s camp.

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In another tweet, the billionaire took aim at Bill Clinton’s record of sex-based scandals, suggesting they would not be off limits as far as his campaign is concerned.  

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“What are you referring to in particular?” Guthrie asked. Trump responded that he could “name many of them,” including former White House intern Monica Lewinsky among others.

“You mention Monica Lewinsky,” Guthrie followed up. “Are you saying an alleged extramarital affair, which he has now admitted — is that fair game?”

Trump immediately took exception to one key word the anchor included in her question.

“Is that alleged?” he asked. “I don’t think that was alleged.”  

Should Bill Clinton’s scandalous past be fair game during his wife’s presidential campaign? Scroll down to comment below:

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