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George Washington’s Harsh Words To Obama About ISIS

Editor:  I am really TIRED of seeing this meme.  Frankly George Washington would be insulted and angry that American’s would even think he said it!¹


Via Robert Gehl:

A journalist who spent ten days embedded with ISIS says there’s only one country whose military they truly fear: Israel.

They believe the Israeli Army, the IDF, are much too strong for them, as they’re well-versed in counter-terrorism and urban, desert fighting, Jurgen Todenhofer told the Jewish News.

“They are not scared of the British and the Americans, they are scared of the Israelis and told me the Israeli army is the real danger. We can’t defeat them with our current strategy. These people [the IDF] can fight a guerrilla war.”

Todenhofer claimed it is part of ISIS’ tactics to lure in Western boots on the ground and capture US and British soldiers. “They think they can defeat US and UK ground troops, who they say they have no experience in city guerrilla or terrorist strategies. But they know the Israelis are very tough as far as fighting against guerrillas and terrorists,” he said.todenhofer with isis fighterISIS considers all religions other than their own radical brand of Islam to be the enemy, but they do have a priority list, of sorts, of their enemies: First on the list are Shia Muslims (ISIS are Sunni Muslims). ISIS fighters said they want to kill them all: “150 million or 500 million, we don’t care, it’s only a technical problem for us. We are ready to do that.”

Second are Western Muslims who live in and vote in democracies. They have given people rather than God the right to make laws.

Christians and Jews are tertiary targets. They are even permitted to live in ISIS-controlled territory if they pay a special tax, around $600 per year.

The journalist – who had contact with ISIS supporters from the media department, judges, fighters and leaders – said the group wants to conquer all the Middle East – except Israel – in the first stage of its fight.

The second stage is conquering the West. “They are a very strong danger for Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Libya, while the West will be subjected to big acts of terrorism instead of a full blown ISIS war because they say they don’t want too many battles at the same time.”

Todenhöfer held Skype conversations for six months to seek guarantees of his safety should he make the trip. He said: “The only reason why I was allowed to go wasn’t because I had built up special relations with them. I asked journalists to come with me but nobody was prepared to go there. But I will never go back.”

In an interview with Al-Jazeera, Todenhofer said he saw no mercy in their eyes.

I have read the Quran many times in German translation, and I always asked them about the value of mercy in Islam. I didn’t see any mercy in their behaviour. Something that I don’t understand at all is the enthusiasm in their plan of religious cleansing, planning to kill the non-believers… They also will kill Muslim democrats because they believe that non-ISIL-Muslims put the laws of human beings above the commandments of God.

These were very difficult discussions, especially when they were talking about the number of people who they are willing to kill. They were talking about hundreds of millions. They were enthusiastic about it, and I just cannot understand that.


¹ Read the Declaration of Independence.  Taxes were listed #17 of 27 grievances.  Taxes did not even make the top 10 or the top 50% of the list.  Our founders worked for decades to come to a peaceful solution with Britain but they would have none of it.  If you want to learn the real history of our nation and our government attend hosting of Krisanne Hall in Clarkville, TN June 25-26, 2016.

 if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, and the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.


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