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Hillary Just Got Introduced At A Rally With 6 Startling Words That Made Her Cringe

A New Hampshire businesswoman opened a Hillary Clinton event on Tuesday night by taking a shot at Barack Obama.

“Unlike Obama, Hillary respects rural America,” Kathleen Kelley told the Berlin crowd, according to CNN reporter Dan Merica.

Merica later added that Clinton did not appear to share Kelley’s view:

Obama famously told a San Francisco fundraising crowd during his 2008 run against Hillary Clinton that the reason he was struggling to prevail in the Pennsylvania primary is because small town people in the state “cling to guns or religion.”

Several replied to Merica’s tweets, with some indicating that Clinton should not be accountable for what a supporter says, while others believed it was evidence of why she will not be able to hold together the Obama coalition.

Some suggested that “rural” was really a reference to white America.

As reported by Western Journalism, Clinton took a big swipe at Donald Trump in the fall when a New Hampshire Trump town hall attendee prefaced a question about the possibility of terrorist training camps in the U.S. by calling President Obama a Muslim and charging that he was not an American.

Trump chose not to address the introductory statements, other than to interject, “We need the question. This is the first question,” to crowd laughs as he appeared to uncomfortably allow the man to finish. Clinton pounced, tweeting:

Perhaps Clinton should be held to the same standard of forceful refutation, particularly if the person making the controversial statement is sharing the stage with her at her campaign event.

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