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Obama Just Banned Products Containing THIS Common Ingredient – You Probably Own One Of Them…

Editor:  Yet another legislative act by Congress for which there is ZERO Constitutional Authority.  Your favorite beauty product is likely gone for ever or until we get rid of politicians who  illegal waste YOUR RESOURCES in such endeavours.

Congress just passed, and President Barack Obama has signed, a bill that bans an environmentally harmful product ingredient included in many personal care products, an ingredient that is so common that nearly every American has it in their homes.

Congress has passed the Microbead-Free Waters Act of 2015, which puts a ban on “microbeads,” contained in many bodywashes, toothpastes and soaps.

Microbeads are tiny plastic balls that cleaning product makers say serve as skin exfoliants. But the problem with these little devices is that they never break down as they wash down the drain.

Scientists say the tiny beads flow through our sewer systems but are so small that they aren’t screened out before being dumped into our waterways. Worse, once in our lakes, streams and rivers, microbeads get eaten by fish and other wildlife. The beads cannot be digested and often end up killing the wildlife.

“In New York state alone, 19 tons of microbeads are washed down the drain each year,” Business Insider reports.

“Microbeads are highly damaging to the natural environment and the wildlife that live there,” a press release from the Wildlife Conservation Society says. “Because natural alternatives already exist, a ban on their use in personal care products makes perfect sense.”

Another recent study claimed that there are 1.7 million microbeads per square kilometer at the bottom of Lake Erie.

Several states have already taken steps to ban or limit the additives, and some personal care product manufacturers had already pledged to begin phasing out the use of microbeads, but this new legislation will now force the issue.

If you, as a consumer, would like to find out which products use microbeads, the International Campaign Against Microbeads in Cosmetics has created a list of products that likely contain the tiny plastic additives.

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