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Obama SPIED On CONGRESS To Find Opponents To Iran Deal

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The Obama Administration spied on Congress in their attempts to weed out dissent to their dangerous Iran Nuclear Deal.

The National Security Agency was busy tapping into communications between Israeli officials and U.S. Jewish groups during the negotiations with Iran over their nuclear weapons program. During the spying, they listened in on communications between Israel, the sympathetic groups and several members of Congress, the Wall Street Journal is reporting.

This was all going on while Obama was facing scathing criticism for spying on German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President François Hollande, yet Obama ordered the spying on Israel to continue, citing a “compelling national security purpose.”

The communications from the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu were “routinely” intercepted and transmitted to the White House for “dissection” Breitbart reports.

As Israel was lobbying members of Congress against the deal, Obama’s NSA picked up conversations with members of Congress. Administration officials claim the intercepts were inadvertent, but interestingly, they never notified the members they were being spied on.

The Obama Administration would ultimately agree to the Iran nuclear deal without the support of the American public or the U.S. Congress. When polled, a majority of the American people consistently rejected the Iran deal.

Iran has already tested the limits of the nuclear deal, firing off two ballistic missile tests in clear violation of UN sanctions. The regime in Tehran has sent Shiite mercenaries to fight the civil war in Syria, and continues to overtly support terror groups Hamas and Hezbollah.

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