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The Never-Before-Heard Story Of How John Kerry Became Secretary of State


One day a politician whose ambition outran his ability met with President Obama.

The politician wanted to be promoted to a prominent position of authority in Obama’s administration.

Obama responded by telling him that if he could predict the weather every day for the next month, he would give him what he wanted.

Each day, at Obama’s request, the politician would leave Washington D.C. for a time and then come back after a short while.
And each time, the politician predicted the weather for the next day exactly right.

Being curious, and afraid of appearing like a fool, Obama decided to have the politician followed.

Obama learned that he went to a stable and asked a donkey if the weather was to be fair. If it was, the donkey’s ears would go forward. If not, they would point backwards.

Obama, upon this discovery, immediately put the donkey in his Cabinet.

And that’s how a jackass became Secretary of State.

Jason W. Stevens

About Jason W. Stevens

Jason W. Stevens is a Ph.D. candidate in Politics at the University of Dallas. He has taught classes in political philosophy and American history and politics at Ashland University, Akron University, North Central State College, and the University of Dallas.

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